Feria De Abril is a real-life Spring event that happens between the 24th April to the 3rd May. It doesn't appear as an event in the game, but a PRO design from the event is given to the player by Wendell and a hat is given to the player by Pete from Nintendo, during the 9 days. These are only available in City Folk. These items are:

  • Flamenco dress
  • Flamenco hat

Flamenco Dress


The flamenco set as seen on a player.

The first item is the pro design by Wendell, the flamenco dress. To receive this, the player must load the game as usual and Wendell will appear outside the players house on any day between the two dates. Wendell will claim he has designed a new design, which he wants the player to have a look at. He will ask them if they wish to see them. Agreeing to see the design will prompt replacing a currently stored design with the flamenco dress.

Flamenco Hat

The flamenco hat is achieved after receiving the flamenco dress, by talking to Pete as the player leaves the house. He will be standing outside as per usual, waiting for the player to start the game and will give them a letter from Nintendo. The letter reads:

Dear <Player>,

It's festival time in the
south of Spain! With this
traditional flamenco hat
you're all set for a
fabulous fiesta! Olé!

From the Spanish Staff

The player can achieve the flamenco hat by saving and starting the game after receiving the flamenco dress from Wendell. It may also be possible to enter the house and leave immediately, to have Pete stand outside.

The flamenco dress can be put on show in the Able Sisters store, for villagers to wear.