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Fertilizer inventory

Type Item
Durability Unknown
Stackable Unknown
Availability Buyable
(Requires T&T Emporium)
Appearances Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Regional names Unknown

Fertilizer is an item introduced in Animal Crossing: New Leaf which can be purchased from Leif at the Gardening Store inside T&T Emporium.

The main purpose of fertilizer is to increase the likelihood of flowers breeding (known as hybridization) and for fruit trees to grow a piece of Perfect Fruit.

Fertilizer 5-on-ground

A bag of fertilizer on the ground.


Fertilizer must be buried near a tree or flowers to increase the chances of perfect fruit or hybrid flowers. It will disappear once buried for more than a day.

It cannot be used to prevent grass deterioration or remedy any grass damage. However, the growth of flowers that are the result of the use of fertilizer may be considered an indirect usage.


In order to purchase fertilizer, your town must have T&T Emporium , which is the final Nookling Store upgrade. To upgrade to T&T Emporium, a total of 100,000 Bells must be spent at T.I.Y., four Gracie Fashion Checks must be completed in your town (you can do this with more than one character) and T.I.Y. must be open for at least 30 days.

Name Obtained from Buy Price Sale Price
- Fertilizer Gardening Store 1,600 Bells 400 Bells

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