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The Fish Set (サカナセット Sakana Setto?) is a set of furniture in the Animal Crossing series. It first appears in Animal Crossing: New Leaf and is rewarded by Chip during the Fishing Tourney.

The set consists of furniture shaped like fish that also appear in the game. The chairs resemble squid and the matching tables resemble dab and the olive flounder in an abstract, cartoon style. Other items of furniture consist of a bed representing sea anemone with a clownfish as a pillow, a crab clock and a Football Fish lamp, with the esca (the light-emitting element) serving as the light bulb.

Furniture Items

Item Name Buy Price Sell Price Available From Color Genres Size (sq)
Crab Clock - 600 Chip Red (x2) Toy Shop 1
Dab Table - 600 Chip Brown (x2) Toy Shop 4
Flounder Table - 600 Chip Green (x2) Toy Shop 4
Football-Fish Lamp - 600 Chip Blue (x2) Toy Shop 1
Jellyfish Light - 625 Chip Light Blue (x2) Toy Shop 1
Octopus Chair - 600 Chip Red (x2) Toy Shop 2
Puffer-Fish TV - 600 Chip Orange/White Toy Shop 1
Red-Snapper Chair - 600 Chip Red (x2) Toy Shop 2
Sea-Anemone Bed - 600 Chip Red (x2) Toy Shop 2
Squid Chair - 600 Chip White (x2) Toy Shop 1

Matching Wall and Floor

Item Name Buy Price Sell Price Available From
Marine Pop Wall - 410 Chip
Marine Pop Floor - 410 Chip


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