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Blathers is given a forgery.
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A Forged Painting is the outcome of buying a fake painting from Crazy Redd. A forged painting appears as a regular painting until sold to Tom Nook or donated to Blathers at the Museum, where both may identify the picture.

Identifying a fake painting

Contrary to popular belief, in games prior to Animal Crossing: New Leaf, it is not possible to identify whether a painting is a forgery or not simply by Redd's emotions and dialogue. Indeed, it is not possible to tell the authenticity of a painting until the player buys it and takes it to Blathers in the museum. Sometimes a city villager will mention a fake painting.

Identifying a fake painting  in Animal Crossing: New Leaf

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, it is possible to determine whether or not a painting is forged by simple visual inspection. One or more areas of the painting will have a noticeable difference from the real painting. 

Warning: This page contains information that may be recognized as in-game cheats or spoilers.

Forgery amazing Forgery ancient Forgery basic
Amazing Painting:
In the real painting, the man wearing black is standing on the left.
Ancient Statue:
The eyes of the real statue are closed.
Basic Painting:
The man in the real painting has only one hand on his hips.
Forgery beautiful Sunday afternoon on the island de la grande jatte The Gleaners
Beautiful Statue:
The fake statue has long hair.
Calm Painting:
No fake Calm Painting is available.
Common Painting:
No fake Common Painting is available.
Forgery dynamic Forgery famous 180px-Joyousness
Dynamic Painting:
Mount Fuji is more prominent in the fake painting.
Famous Painting:
The real painting's right hand is above her left.
Fine Painting:
No fake Fine Painting is available.
Flowery Painting Forgery gallant Liberty Leading the People
Flowery Painting:
No fake Flowery Painting is available.
Gallant Statue:
The fake statue has a towel over both shoulders.
Worthy Painting:
No fake Worthy Painting is available.
Forgery graceful Forgery great Forgery jolly
Graceful Painting:
The woman looks to the right in the real painting.
Great Statue:
His palm faces upwards in the real statue.
Jolly Painting:
In the fake painting, he has a carrot for a nose.
Moody Painting Forgery motherly Forgery moving
Moody Painting:
No fake Moody Painting is available.
Motherly Statue:
The real statue has two children.
Moving Painting:
The shell points upwards in the real painting.
Forgery mystic Forgery neutral 180px-Nice real life
Mystic Statue:
The fake statue has a spherical crown.
Neutral Painting:
The fake painting has a hole in one of the leaves (in the red circle).
Nice Painting:
No fake Nice Painting is available.
Perfect Painting Proper Painting Forgery quaint
Perfect Painting:
No fake Perfect Painting is available.
Proper Painting:
No fake Proper Painting is available.
Quaint Painting:
The woman wears a bonnet in the real painting.
Forgery robust Forgery scary Forgery serene
Robust Statue:
The fake statue is throwing a UFO.
Scary Painting:
The fake painting has index fingers pointing only.
Serene Painting:
The woman is holding a cat in the fake painting.
Forgery solemn Forgery valiant La Maja Vestida
Solemn Painting:
The lady is much taller in the fake.
Valiant Statue:
The fake statue has bat wings instead of angel wings.
Warm Painting:
No fake Warm Painting is available.
Forgery wild Forgery wistful
Wild Painting:
The white figure is on the right in the fake painting.
Wistful Painting:
The fake painting wears a brown headband.

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