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Forgery Detected

A forged painting in New Leaf.

A forgery is the outcome of buying a fake painting or sculpture from Crazy Redd. In every Animal Crossing series game except for New Leaf, a forged painting appears as a regular painting until sold to Tom Nook or donated to Blathers at the museum, where both may identify the picture.

Forgery prior to New Leaf

It is not possible to identify whether a painting is a forgery or not simply by Redd's emotions and dialogue. The player can only tell the authenticity of a painting until it is bought and taken to Tom Nook, Timmy and Tommy, or Blathers in the museum.

Forged paintings in New Leaf

In New Leaf, it is possible to determine whether or not a painting is forged by visual inspection. Some areas of the painting will have a noticeable difference from the genuine painting. However, some paintings and sculptures will be authentic in all forms at all times.

Warning: This page contains information that may be recognized as in-game cheats or spoilers.


Painting name Forgery Genuine Description
Amazing painting Amazing Painting (forgery) Int art rembra The man in black and red is standing on the right in the fake painting, while the genuine painting has him standing on the left.
Basic painting Basic Painting (forgery) Int art bravely The forged painting has a man with both hands on his hips, whereas the genuine has one hand on the hip.
Calm painting N/A Int art wonderful This painting is always authentic.
Common painting N/A Int art intimacy This painting is always authentic.
Dynamic painting Dynamic Painting (forgery) Int art iki The fake painting has a large mountain and the genuine painting has a small mountain.
Famous painting Famous Painting (forgery) Int art famous The hand position in the forged painting is left over right, while in the genuine it is right over left.
Fine painting N/A Int art splendid This painting is always authentic.
Flowery painting N/A Int art matchless This painting is always authentic.
Graceful painting Graceful Painting (forgery) Int art beauty The woman is looking to the left in the fake painting and is looking to the right in the real painting.
Jolly painting Jolly Painting (forgery) Int art interesting The man has a carrot nose in the forged painting and a cucumber nose in the genuine.
Moody painting N/A Int art powerful This painting is always authentic.
Moving painting Moving Painting (forgery) Int art goodlooking The fake painting includes a shell facing downward, whereas in the real painting, it is upward.
Neutral painting Neutral Painting (forgery) Int art skillful The forged painting has a hole in the top left leaf, while in the genuine painting there is no hole.
Nice painting N/A Int art manet This painting is always authentic.
Perfect painting N/A Int art fantastic This painting is always authentic.
Proper painting N/A Int art lively This painting is always authentic.
Quaint painting Quaint Painting (forgery) Int art becomecalm The woman does not wear anything on her head in the fake painting and is wearing a bonnet in the genuine.
Scary painting Scary Painting (forgery) Int art stylish The man's index fingers are shown in the forged painting, whereas his entire hands are opened in the real painting.
Scenic painting N/A Int art admirable This painting is always authentic.
Serene painting Serene Painting (forgery) Int art feminin The forged painting features a woman holding a cat, while in the genuine painting, she is holding a ferret.
Solemn painting Solemn Painting (forgery) Int art velazq The woman wearing the white dress is tall in the fake painting and short in the real one.
Warm painting N/A Int art goya This painting is always authentic.
Wild painting Wild Painting (forgery) Int art wild 2 The dark figure is on the left in the forged painting, whereas it is on the right in the genuine.
Wistful painting Wistful Painting (forgery) Int art fine The woman in the fake painting is wearing an orange headband, while in the real painting, it is blue.
Worthy painting N/A Int art valuable This painting is always authentic.


Sculpture Forgery Genuine Description
Ancient statue Statue Ancient Forged Statue Ancient Real The forged statue has halfway opened eyes, whereas the genuine has closed eyes.
Beautiful statue Statue Beautiful Forged Statue Beautiful Real The fake statue has long hair and the genuine statue has short hair.
Gallant statue Statue Gallant Forged Statue Gallant Real The forged statue has a towel on both shoulders, while the genuine has a sling, which only drapes over the left shoulder.
Great statue Statue Great Forged Statue Great Real The fake statue has a downward-faced palm and the genuine statue has an upward-facing palm.
Motherly statue Statue Motherly Forged Statue Motherly Real The forged statue has one child, while the real statue has two children.
Mystic statue Statue Mystic Forged Statue Mystic Real The fake statue has a round crown and the genuine statue has a cylinder crown.
Robust statue Statue Robust Forged Statue Robust Real The forged statue is throwing a UFO, whereas the genuine statue is throwing a discus.
Valiant statue Statue Valiant Forged Statue Valiant Real The fake statue has bat wings, while the real statue has angel wings.

Spoilers end here.


  • If a glitch is done on a painting or sculpture, it then has a chance to change into the real painting or vise-versa. It is unknown as to why this occurs.
  • On very rare occasions in New Leaf, Redd will have 2 genuine art pieces instead of just one. These occasions can happen more frequently if the player increases their luck through Feng Shui.

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