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Fortune Shop
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The exterior of Katrina's Shop in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.
Inside Katrina's Tent
The interior of Katrina's Shop.
Service: Fortunes
Provides: Fortunes
Removal of Curses
Hours Open: 9am- 7pm

6am- 7pm (Early Bird) 9am- 11pm (Night Owl)

The Fortune Teller Shop is a shop in the Animal Crossing series run by Katrina.

The shop takes on many appearances throughout the Animal Crossing series. In the majority of its appearances, it is a predominantly dark colored red-purple tent with green and gold stripes. In Animal Forest, Animal Crossing and Dōbutsu no Mori e+, Katrina pitches the tent in a random acre in the player's town.

In Animal Crossing: Wild World and New Leaf, the store retains its appearance as a tent but can be found pitched a fixed position outside the Town Hall (Wild World) or the Town Plaza (New Leaf). In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, once the player has had their fortune told over 20 times, Katrina will permanently place her store in a building in Main Street.

In Animal Crossing: City Folk, Katrina's store is a building which can be found in the city, next door to Shampoodle. Her signature tent does not make an appearance in the game, and she can be visited at any time.


In Animal Forest, Animal Crossing and Animal Forest e+

In the early versions of Animal Crossing, the Fortune Shop is randomly placed in the town. The player can talk to Copper, who will give the player the number of the acre it can be found in.

Inside the tent Katrina can be found behind a desk with a crystal ball, tarot cards, Bells and two torches on top of it.

In Animal Crossing: Wild World


The interior of the Fortune Shop in Animal Crossing: Wild World.

In Animal Crossing: Wild World, Katrina's Fortune Shop can be found in front of the Town Hall once a month on a random day. It takes on a similar appearance as in previous games both inside and outside of the tent.

When the player enters the shop, Katrina will welcome them by saying "Welcome back, lost traveler of the (zodiac sign)." She refers to the Zodiac sign from the birth date the player told a villager near the beginning of the game.

In Animal Crossing: City Folk


The interior of the Fortune Shop in Animal Crossing: City Folk.

In Animal Crossing: City Folk, Katrina's store is now a permanent building in the City. Katrina's shop will appear ominous: It is a caramel colored building covered in ivy vines, with an image of an all-seeing eye in the window. It is located at the end of the walkway on the right of the City. It is next door to Shampoodle, with an inaccessible building in between them.

Inside, the building takes on a similar appearance as in previous games. There are green draped curtain behind Katrina's desk, a pile of large books and large, opulent white and blue vases.

Katrina charges 100 Bells for a charm of fortune. She does not curse the player or ask for 10,000 Bells to remove any curses. If the player visits the shop at the beginning of their visit to the city, a pot will fall from the ceiling and whack the player on the head, although this does not produce any bad luck after the visit. The player can only visit the shop once a week for a charm or to have their fortune told.

Jock villagers in the city will mention Katrina's shop, saying, "You know that fortune-teller's place by the side of the road? WAY sketchy...Pulling a sick 360 flippie while skiing off a cliff? No sweat. Walking in there? NO WAY," proving the shop to be suspicious to villagers.

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf


The walls and the floor disappear during a fortune telling.

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The Exterior of the Fortune Shop in the Winter.

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, the Fortune Shop takes on two appearances. Initially, Katrina will set up the shop as a tent in the Plaza, by the Town Tree in the same spot as other visitors' tents. She will charge the player 500 Bells to tell them their fortune and what item of clothing they require to boost their luck.

The item described may include a specific "style". At least one item that matches the style will be sold in Main Street on that day.

After the main player and any other characters living in town have visited and had their fortune told by Katrina a cumulative total of 20 times or more, Katrina will take ownership of an empty building in Main Street, next door to the Dream Suite and behind the photobooth on the left of the street. She can be visited once a day, and can offer the player a Tingle hat or a Red Daikoku (celebration) hat for 10,000 Bells each. when these hats are worn, they will have an effect on the fortune Katrina tells the player. If the player uses glitches or hacks in any way to move behind the trash can, and attempt to enter the building before it has been created, the game will simply act like they are entering the completed shop as normal. The icons on the bottom screen and map will disappear, but then reappear due to no building being there.

During a fortune telling, the walls and the floor of the fortune shop will disappear and be replaced by a Zodiac star wheel on the floor and a stars in the background. Once the fortune has been told, the floor and the walls return.

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