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This project is currently inactive. There is not currently an official organization for the content and edits contained within this project, but that should not stop you from making them yourself.

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Welcome to the Fish & Bugs Project page!

Name: Description:
Fish & Bug Project
Salmon (City Folk)
The Fish & Bug Project covers all pages about bugs, deep-sea creatures and fish. There are over 150 articles, and counting!

The purpose of the Fish & Bugs Project is to expand and maintain all fish, bugs and deep-sea creatures pages, using a set of guidelines as well as share ideas on how to improve related pages.

You do not need to sign up anywhere to make edits in these areas, but keep the standard page layouts in mind.


Please discuss Fish and Bug Project related matters on the Project talk page, which can be found by following this link.


You may use the following userbox to display on your profile if you are a fan of or interested in the fish or bugs that appear in the Animal Crossing series.

This user is a member of the
Fish and Bug Project.

Helping the Project

There are many ways to get involved. Before you start, make sure to read the Guidelines Portal containing information on what is expected when editing the Wiki.

Main Content

The main content pages for the Project are:


Additionally, pages within the below categories are covered by the Project:

Some pages may be categorized as stubs, which are pages in need of editing. Some stubs may be related to the project. Below is the stubs category:

Special Pages

You can even get involved by going through the lists of pages related to the project under the Special pages system.

To Do List

Our To Do List contains useful links to other areas of the Wiki and advice that may be of use when editing the Project related pages.

Useful information

Below are useful templates, pages and other information that may be used when editing pages.



Fish Name
Scientific name 'Scientific Name'
Family Family
Time of year Time of Year
Time of day Time of Day
Location Unknown
Size Size (in cm)
Catch size Unknown
Shadow size Size of Shadow
Rarity How Rare
Sale price Price in Bells
Appearances Games it is in
Regional names Unknown
{{Infobox Fish
|scientific name= 

Use this on all fish pages.


Bug Name
Scientific name 'Scientific Name'
Family Family
Time of year Time of year
Time of day Time of Day
Location Where found
Size Size (in mm)
Catch size Unknown
Rarity How Rare
Sale price Price in Bells
Appearances Games it appears in
Regional names Unknown

Use this on all bug pages.

How to use

{{Infobox Bug
|scientific name= 
|precipitation availability=  

Copy and paste this code into the bug's page, then fill it out


Insect infoboxes now display icons relating to their behaviour. Use the following codes to add a specific icon to the bug page. Simply add this line anywhere in the Infobox template on the page.

Do not add all of these to each page. Only use the ones needed, since all are set to N/A by default and do not need to be specified unless the icon applies to the bug.

|rain = yes    //use if the bug is found in rain. By default the "absent in rain icon" is shown.
|tree = yes    //use this if the bug is found on tree trunks.
|insidetree = yes //use if the bug is found inside trees and must be shaken out.
|palmtree = yes  //use this if the bug is found on or in palm trees.
|flower = yes   //use this if the bug appears next to or is found on flowers.
|air = yes     //use if bug is found in midair, i.e. butterflies and dragonflies.
|rock = yes    //use this if the bug is found within rocks.
|treestump = yes //if the bug is found on tree stumps.
|water = yes   //if the bug is found on or in water.
|dangerous = yes //if the bug is harmful i.e. tarantula, scorpion or bee.
|islandgcn = yes //if the bug is found on the [[GCN]] island. 
|islandnl = yes  //if the bug is found on the {{NL}} island.


Templates for use at the bottom of the fish/bug pages.


Use this template on fish pages at the bottom, above the category but below the text. It looks like:

Navigation Fish | Fishing | Project Home | Fish families and groups | Trash | Key | Rarity
Categories Fish | Fishing | Fish families and groups | Fish Images | River Fish | Ocean Fish | River Pool Fish | Pond Fish | Waterfall Fish
Locations River | Ocean | River pool | Pond | Waterfall
River Fish Angelfish | Arapaima | Arowana | Barbel Steed | Bass | Bitterling | Black Bass | Bluegill | Brook Trout | Carp | Cherry Salmon | Crucian Carp | Dace | Dorado | Eel | Freshwater Goby | Goldfish | Guppy | King Salmon | Koi | Large Bass | Loach | Neon Tetra | Nibble Fish | Pale Chub | Pike | Piranha | Popeyed Goldfish | Rainbow Trout | Saddled Bichir | Salmon | Small Bass | Stringfish | Sweetfish | Yellow Perch
Riverpool Fish Catfish | Gar | Giant Catfish | Giant Snakehead | Herabuna | Pond Smelt | Soft-shelled Turtle
Pond Fish Crawfish | Frog | Killifish | Tadpole
Waterfall Fish Char | Large Char
Ocean Fish Barred Knifejaw | Blowfish | Blue Marlin | Butterfly Fish | Clownfish | Coelacanth | Dab | Football Fish | Giant Trevally | Hammerhead Shark | Horse Mackerel | Jellyfish | Lobster | Mitten Crab | Moray Eel | Napoleonfish | Oarfish | Ocean Sunfish | Octopus | Olive Flounder | Puffer Fish | Ray | Red Snapper | Saw Shark | Sea Bass | Sea Butterfly | Seahorse | Shark | Squid | Surgeonfish | Tuna | Whale Shark | Zebra Turkeyfish
Families and Groups Bass family | Carp family | Flatfish Group | Reef Fish Group | Salmon family | Shark Group | 15,000 Group
Fish Lists All fish | By shadow size | List of fish by rarity | List of fish by month | Fish in AF | Fish in AF+ | Fish in PG | Fish in WW | Fish in CF | Fish in NL


Use this template on fish pages at the bottom, above the category but below the text. It looks like:

Navigation Bug | Bug Catching | Project Home
Categories Bugs | Aquatic Bugs | Ground Bugs | Tree Bugs | Rare Bugs | Uncommon Bugs | Common Bugs
Flying Bugs Butterflies: Agrias | Birdwing | Common | Emperor | Monarch | Peacock | Purple | Raja Brooke | Tiger | Yellow
Dragonflies: Banded | Common | Darner | Giant Petaltail | Red
Others: Firefly | Honeybee | Mosquito | Moth
Flower Bugs Beetles: Ladybug | Spotted Ladybug
Other: Mantis | Orchid Mantis | Snail
Item Bugs All: Ant | Fly
Palm Tree Bugs Beetles: Atlas | Cyclommatus | Elephant | Golden Stag | Goliath | Hercules
Crabs: Coconut Crab
Tree Bugs Beetles: Drone | Dynastid | Flat Stag | Fruit | Giant | Jewel | Miyama Stag | Mountain | Rainbow Stag | Saw Stag | Scarab | Stag
Cicadas: Brown Cicada | Cicada Shell | Evening Cicada | Giant Cicada | Lantern Fly | Robust Cicada | Walker Cicada
Other: Bagworm | Bee | Cockroach | Oak Silk Moth | Spider | Stinkbug | Walkingstick
Tree Stump Bugs Beetles: Longhorn | Violin
Ground Bugs Crickets: Bell Cricket | Cricket | Pine Cricket
Beetles: Dung Beetle | Tiger Beetle
Others: Grasshopper | Long Locust | Rice Grasshopper | Migratory Locust | Scorpion | Tarantula | Walking Leaf | Wharf Roach
Crabs: Crab | Hermit Crab
Underground Bugs All: Mole Cricket
Rock Bugs Centipedes: Centipede | House
Others: Pill Bug
Aquatic Bugs All: Diving Beetle | Pondskater
Bugs on Villagers All: Flea
Groups Beetles | Butterflies | Cicadas | Crickets | Dragonflies | Stunners | Locusts | Moths | Crabs
Wiki Projects
Fish and Bug ProjectProject FurnitureProject VillagerUserbox ProjectProject ConcertProject SpeciesOperation J.O.E.Project TownBehind the Scenes ProjectPaintingpediaProject ProgramBack to the PastBlast to the Past

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