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Welcome to Project Concert, also abbreviated PrCo (pronunciation purr-co)


• Articles on all K.K. music pieces
• Articles on all hourly themes
• Articles on all other music pieces
• Music Files (midi, ogg, etc) for all pieces of music


Please sign up if you wish to help!


Animal Crossing music Wild World music City Folk music

According to this site's FAQ, we can use these files as long as we don't claim them as our own. If you're going to use one of these files, please state in the 'Summary' box when uploading that the music came from [1] (please link it) and include the name of the sequencer. That's lots more music coming up. -- Dragonfree 15:36, 23 July 2009 (UTC)


Post queries here - relating to the project only I was still wondering what we should do to bulk out the pages- perhaps pictures of villager's homes that have the music? BadMeep


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K.K. Slider songs
Agent K.K.Aloha K.K.Bubblegum K.K.Café K.K.Comrade K.K.DJ K.K.Forest LifeGo K.K. Rider!Hypno K.K.I Love YouImperial K.K.K.K. AdventureK.K. AriaK.K. BalladK.K. BazaarK.K. BirthdayK.K. BluesK.K. BossaK.K. CalypsoK.K. CasbahK.K. ChoraleK.K. CondorK.K. CountryK.K. Cruisin'K.K. D&BK.K. DirgeK.K. DiscoK.K. DixieK.K. ÉtudeK.K. FaireK.K. FlamencoK.K. FolkK.K. FusionK.K. GrooveK.K. GumboK.K. HouseK.K. IslandK.K. JazzK.K. JongaraK.K. LamentK.K. Love SongK.K. LullabyK.K. MamboK.K. MarathonK.K. MarchK.K. MetalK.K. MilongaK.K. MoodyK.K. OasisK.K. ParadeK.K. RagtimeK.K. RallyK.K. ReggaeK.K. RockK.K. RockabillyK.K. SafariK.K. SalsaK.K. SambaK.K. SkaK.K. SonataK.K. SongK.K. SoulK.K. SteppeK.K. StrollK.K. SwingK.K. SynthK.K. TangoK.K. TechnopopK.K. WaltzK.K. WesternKing K.K.Lucky K.K.Marine Song 2001Mountain SongMr. K.K.My PlaceNeapolitanOnly MePonderingRockin' K.K.Señor K.K.Soulful K.K.Space K.K.Spring BlossomsStale CupcakesSteep HillSurfin' K.K.The K. FunkTo the EdgeTwo Days AgoWandering
Hourly themes
Midnight1 A.M.2 A.M.3 A.M.4 A.M.5 A.M.6 A.M.7 A.M.8 A.M.9 A.M.10 A.M.11 A.M.Noon1 P.M.2 P.M.3 P.M.4 P.M.5 P.M.6 P.M.7 P.M.8 P.M.9 P.M.10 P.M.11 P.M.
Other music
Tom Nook's Chain JinglesTimmy and Tommy's Chain JinglesAble Sisters TuneGracieGrace ChimeAuction House HarmonyShampoodle ThemeHappy Room Academy ThemeMarquee ThemeRedd's Shop ThemeKatrina's Shop ThemeMorning ThemeAfternoon ThemeNight ThemeLate Night ThemeMain ThemePost Office TunesKapp'n's Sea ShantyIsland ThemesTown Gate FanfareTown Hall TuneMuseum ThemeCafé ThemeChristmas Eve MusicPre-Work Themes

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