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Stand-alone Fossils
Name Image Price
Amber Amber (new leaf) 1,200
Ammonite Ammonite (new leaf) 1,100
Archaeopteryx Archaeopteryx (new leaf) 1,300
Coprolite Coprolite (new leaf) 1,100
Dinosaur Egg Dinosaur egg (new leaf) 1,400
Dinosaur Track Dinosaur track (new leaf) 1,000
Fern Fossil Fern fossil (new leaf) 1,000
Peking Man Peking man (new leaf) 1,100
Shark Tooth Shark tooth (new leaf) 1,000
Trilobite Trilobite (new leaf) 1,300

Multi-part Fossils
Name Image Price
Ankylo Skull Ankylo skull (new leaf) 3,000
Ankylo Tail Ankylo tail (new leaf) 2,500
Ankylo Torso Ankylo torso (new leaf) 3,000
Apato Skull Apato skull (new leaf) 5,000
Apato Tail Apato tail (new leaf) 4,000
Apato Torso Apato torso (new leaf) 4,500
Archelon Skull Archelon skull (new leaf) 4,000
Archelon Torso Archelon torso (new leaf) 3,500
Dimetrodon Skull Dimetrodon skull (new leaf) 5,500
Dimetrodon Tail Dimetrodon tail (new leaf) 4,500
Dimetrodon Torso Dimetrodon torso (new leaf) 5,000
Diplo Chest Diplo chest (new leaf) 4,500
Diplo Hip Diplo hip (new leaf) 4,000
Diplo Neck Diplo neck (new leaf) 5,000
Diplo Skull Diplo skull (new leaf) 5,000
Diplo Tail Diplo tail (new leaf) 4,500
Ichthyo Skull Ichthyo skull (new leaf) 2,500
Ichthyo Torso Ichthyo torso (new leaf) 2,000
Iguanodon Skull Iguanodon skull (new leaf) 4,000
Iguanodon Tail Iguanodon tail (new leaf) 3,000
Iguanodon Torso Iguanodon torso (new leaf) 3,500
Mammoth Skull Mammoth skull (new leaf) 3,000
Mammoth Torso Mammoth torso (new leaf) 2,500
Megacero Skull Megacero skull (new leaf) 4,500
Megacero Tail Megacero tail (new leaf) 3,000
Megacero Torso Megacero torso (new leaf) 3,500
Pachy Skull Pachy skull (new leaf) 4,000
Pachy Tail Pachy tail (new leaf) 3,000
Pachy Torso Pachy torso (new leaf) 3,500
Parasaur Skull Parasaur skull (new leaf) 3,500
Parasaur Tail Parasaur tail (new leaf) 2,500
Parasaur Torso Parasaur torso (new leaf) 3,000
Plesio Neck Plesio neck (new leaf) 4,500
Plesio Skull File:Plesio skull (new leaf).jpg 4,500
Plesio Torso File:Plesio torso (new leaf).jpg 4,500
Ptera Left Wing Ptera right wing (new leaf) 4,500
Ptera Right Wing Ptera left wing (new leaf) 4,500
Ptera Skull Ptera skull (new leaf) 4,000
Sabertooth Tiger
Sabertooth Skull Sabertooth skull (new leaf) 2,500
Sabertooth Torso Sabertooth torso (new leaf) 2,000
Stego Skull Stego skull (new leaf) 5,000
Stego Tail Stego tail (new leaf) 4,000
Stego Torso Stego torso (new leaf) 4,500
Spino Skull File:Spino skull (new leaf).jpg 4,500
Spino Tail File:Spino tail (new leaf).jpg 4,000
Spino Torso File:Spino torso (new leaf).jpg 5,000
Styraco Skull File:Styraco torso (new leaf).jpg 3,500
Stryraco Tail File:Styraco torso (new leaf).jpg 2,500
Styraco Torso File:Styraco torso (new leaf).jpg 3,000
Tricera Skull Tricera skull (new leaf) 5,500
Tricera Tail Tricera tail (new leaf) 4,500
Tricera Torso Tricera torso (new leaf) 5,000
Tyrannosaurus Rex
T-Rex Skull T rex skull (new leaf) 6,000
T-Rex Tail T rex tail (new leaf) 5,000
T-Rex Torso T rex torso (new leaf) 5,500
Raptor Skull Raptor skull (new leaf) 3,000
Raptor Torso Raptor torso (new leaf) 2,500

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Multi-part fossils
AnkylosaurusApatosaurusArchelonDimetrodonDiplodocusIchthyosaurIguanodonMammothMegaceropsPachycephalosaurusParasaurPlesiosaurPteranodonSabertooth tigerSeismosaurSpinosaurusStegosaurStyracosaurusTriceratopsTyrannosaurus rexVelociraptor
Stand-alone fossils
AmberAmmoniteArchaeopteryxCoproliteDinosaur eggDinosaur trackFern fossilPeking manShark toothTrilobite

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