Breaking the Fourth Wall is a term used when a character knows that they are in a video game, TV show, movie, book, etc. and points it out, though they usually pretend like nobody's there. It has been broken by several characters in Animal Crossing series, and is used frequently in other forms of media.

The term 'fourth wall' originates from the 'missing wall' in a theater, which is the wall separating the audience from the actors. In video gaming, the 'fourth wall' refers to the screen of the device displaying the game.


The player breaking the fourth wall.

Breaking the 4th wall in the Animal Crossing series

A number of characters break the fourth wall.

  • Mr. Resetti breaks the fourth wall the most. An example is when the player creates their character in City Folk, saves, restarts. then plays the game again. Resetti will pop up, thanking the player for buying City Folk or Let's Go To The City. If the player moves their character from Wild World, he refers to that game, too. Also, he talks about resetting the game, mentioning that it is a game and the player can reset it.
  • The player breaks the fourth wall when they talk to the screen. An example is when a player catches a fish or bug, and shows it off to the screen, followed by a caption describing the catch, or the character's feelings.
  • Another example of breaking the fourth wall is when the player buys coffee at The Roost. After they taste it, the player turns to the screen and says something about the coffee.
  • Villagers also break the fourth wall in City Folk and Wild World when they tell the player advice like using tools, looking up, or taking
    RUU 0037

    Carmen breaking the fourth wall.

  • In New LeafIsabelle breaks the fourth wall when she tells the player how to plant the Town Tree.
  • In New LeafDigby breaks the fourth wall when he tells the player about the Happy Room Exhibition Hall.
  • In New Leaf, Kapp'n breaks the fourth wall if the player presses B to skip his singing.