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Franklin's Dialogue: The conversation the player will have with Franklin when giving him Cutlery. Below is a composed list of his dialogue in Animal Crossing and Animal Forest e+.

First meeting

Yaaaaah! Whuh-whuh-what? What're you doin' here? What do you want?
Relax, OK? OK? We can talk this out, right? There's no need for violence!
Huh? What was that? You... You're not here to catch me?/
Why didn't you say so? For cryin' out loud! You tryin' to scare me to death?
C'mon, level with me... What is up with this village?
The letter I got from your Mayor Tortimer-the invitation? Did you see it? No? I've got it memorized!
'We cordially invite you to be te main guest at our annual Harvest Festival. Heh hehh hehhh hoorf
What's wrong with it?!? I can even see where the word "dish" was erased and then replaced with "guest"!
I should never have come. I should have stayed at home and locked the doors. And your neighbors! They can't keep their paws off me! Patting me here, squeezing me there...
Then there's the banquet table! Nothing but side dishes! What's that big empty platter for? Huh? Huh?
Imagine my surprise when I meet your ancient tortoise of a mayor, and the first words out his mouth are...
'How delectable- I mean delightful. How delightful to see you.'
'A slip of the tongue. Put it out of your head. Don't want you getting tough. Tense! I meant tense.'
'Why don't you have a seat? Take off your feathers and have some bread crumbs. Heh hehh hehhh hoorf.'
That kind of thing makes me nervous!
You... You look harmless enough. But those other guys! They're all thinking with their stomachs!
I've gotta do something. This could end very badly for me. If only I were an eagle or a penguin even!
OK. First things first. The table setting...the knives and the forks and...the knives! Those have got to go!
Easy enough to say, but...I can't get anywhere near that table. The danger... Ooh, now I'm getting a migraine.

Harvest Clock

...Could it be? A knife and a fork! You did it! You did it!/ Whew! I really owe you one! These have an evil aura! They were waiting for me. I can sense these things. Thanks. As a reward...I'd like to give you my harvest clock. It's not much, but I hope you like it. Whatever you do, keep my hiding place under your hat. See ya around.

Harvest Table

Whoooaaaaaaa! Oh, it's only you. Any more scares like that, and I'm gonna start molting! Hey! What are you doing with that knife and fork? Not you, too! They're for me? Thanks! These...these are instruments of torture! I'm glad you're on my side! As a reward...please take this harvest table. Really, take it! Don't forget! Don't tell anyone where I am. See ya!

Harvest Wall

Waaaah! Oh, it's just you. Why am I so delicious? I should've eaten more junk food when I was a chick. Whoa! What's that? You did it! That knife and fork! You took them from the banquet table, didn't you? This is great! Fantastic! Silverware... How I've come to loathe the very sight of it. Thanks for your help. Here... I want you to have this harvest wall. I think you'll like it. Oh, and another thing, don't tell any of your neighbors where I am. See ya!

Harvest Chair

Aaaaah! Oh, it's only you. I think my wattle's gonna fall off! Hey! You got 'em! A knife AND a fork! This helps so much. These are too dangerous to leave laying around. Thanks, pal. Let's see... All I've got is this harvest chair, but I'd like you to have it. Oh, yeah! My hiding place? Let's keep that between us. Now, get goin', before someone sees you here!

Harvest Bureau

Fowl play! Oh, it's just you. I'm gonna start cryin' any second now. ...Hold it! What's that in your pocket? You've got a knife and a fork, don't you? DON'T YOU? What? You took them for me? Oh, wow! Thanks! These should be outlawed! Look how sharp they are. I appreciate your help. Hmmm... It's not much, but I'd like you to have this harvest bureau. I hope you like it. Oh, yeah. My hiding place? Let's keep that between us. Now, get goin', will you? Thanks, pal.

Harvest Mirror

Cock-a-doodle-doo! Oh, it's just you. Now, I'm imitatin' chickens. Oh, the shame... Hey, what're you planning to do with that knife and fork? I knew it! You traitor! You...CARNIVORE!!! Huh? They're for me? Really? Wow! Thank you. Thank you! In the wrong hands, these are deadly! Whew. They're safe now. Here... It's not much, but I'd like you to have this harvest mirror. I hope you like it. Do me another favor, will you? Don't tell anyone about this hiding place. OK? See ya!

Harvest Bed

Eeeeek! Oh, it's just you. I just lost 6 years off my life! Hold the phone! What do you have there? You have a knife and a fork! HEEELLLLPPP! Huh? They're for me? Really? Wow. Thanks. In the wrong hands, these are tools of destruction. You may have saved my life. I'd love to give you something for the effort...but all I have is a harvest bed. I hope you'll accept it. Don't forget, keep my location secret! See ya later.

Harvest TV

Waaaaa! Oh, it's just you. You're giving me goose bumps. Hey! Is that...a knife and fork? You're my hero! I have you now! In the name of barnyard fowl everywhere, I claim you my prisoners! Thank you for the world a safer place. Let's seee...ah, yes. This harvest TV should show my appreciation. Take it, please. One last thing... Keep my hiding place under that goofy hat of yours! See ya!

Harvest Rug

NO! DON'T! Oh, it's just you. Phew... Hey! I can't believe it! You actually went and snagged a knife and a fork from the table! You are incredible! I love you! Got you now you pointy little fiends. Thanks! It's not much, but...please accept this harvest rug. Hope you like it. Oh, by the way, don't tell the others where I'm hiding, OK? See ya around!

Harvest Sofa

Don't eat me! Oh, it's just you. I don't think I can take much more of this. Whoa! You've got a knife and a fork. Let's not do anything rash. I'm telling you, I'm a tough, dry bird! What? They're for me? Really? Thanks! These are the tools of my destruction! Bad silverware! Thanks, again. Here...please take this harvest sofa. It's not much, but I hope you like it all the same. And please tell no one about this place! My life depends on it. See ya around!

Harvest Lamp

Gobble! Oh! It's just you. Don't scare me like that. Huh? That knife... That fork... You took them for me, didn't you? Thanks a lot. This really helps. These are just plain dangerous. They're so pointy! You could put an eye out! I won't forget this. Here...I want you to have this harvest lamp. It's not much, but it's all yours. Oh, and thanks for keeping my hiding place a secret from the others. Now, go away!

Harvest Dresser

This is the end! Oh, it's just you. I gotta get outta town. You did it, didn't you? You actually risked your life to take a knife and a fork from the banquet table! You're the best! These are just plain dangerous. No two ways about it! Thanks so much! Here...please accept this harvest dresser. It's my way of saying thanks! Do me another favor, will ya? Don't tell anyone you've seen me. Thanks!

Second Dialogue variations

Answer me this, just who in the name of all things kind and decent does that crazy old Tortimer think he is?

If you've got time to be loitering around here... ...why not head over to the banquet table and disarm that thing? It's covered in forks and knives!

Ooooh, I'm done for. I just know it. I wonder if the Resettis would dig me an escape tunnel.

Whose idea was this anyway? Who ever heard of a Harvest Festival? Why not Turkey Appreciation Day?

Look, somebody's gonna see you, which means they see me! So get outta here, will ya? Bye, already!