A yellow glow wand available for purchase at a Nookling Store

A Glow Wand is a holdable item that appears in New Leaf. They are sold for 800 bells during the month of December, but only in the Nookling Stores. They appear in the same place as a Fortune Cookie. As a result, there may be only one, or no fortune cookies for sale on days when glow wands are sold. Party Poppers are also sold during December. Glow Wands can come in four colors: blue, green, yellow, and pink.

Blue glow wands are received from Isabelle as part of the Winter Solstice, held on the 21st of December of every year. Green glow wands are sold in Nookling Stores throughout December, along with yellow and pink glow wands.

  • Yellow glow wands are in the shape of a star
  • Pink glow wands are in the shape of a heart
  • Green glow wands are in the shape of a flower
  • The Blue Glow Wand the Player can receive from Isabelle during the Winter Solstice