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Golden Tools are the improved versions of the standard tool kit, which includes the Golden Axe, Golden Shovel, Golden Watering Can, Golden Net, Golden Fishing Rod and the Golden Shopping Card.

The requirement to receive the golden tools are greater than the silver and standard versions, requiring objectives such as catching every bug for the golden net.

Animal Crossing

Golden Axe

The player must keep a perfect town for two weeks. Then he/she must go and speak to the Wishing Well. The well will give the player the golden axe.

Golden Shovel

The player must dig up a glowing spot with a shovel and then bury a shovel in the same spot without leaving the area or refilling the hole. It will cause a golden sprout to pop out. It grows the same as other trees.

Wild World


Tortimer awards the golden fishing rod and golden net.

Golden Shovel

The player must bury a shovel and dig it up again the next day to gain a golden shovel. If carried, villagers may look at the player in envy. A golden shovel also grants the ability to grow money trees. Note that the trees will only produce bags of money once.

Golden Slingshot

The player must shoot down 15 presents in the sky with a regular slingshot. The 16th one will be a golden, shiny balloon carrying a gold and purple toolbox. This present contains the golden slingshot.

Golden Watering Can

The golden can is obtained when the player speaks to Pelly at the left counter after maintaining a perfect town for 16 days.

Golden Fishing Rod

Catch all 56 species of fish, and the next time the game starts up, Mayor Tortimer will come to the player's house and reward the Golden Fishing Rod.

Golden Axe

Complete the Golden Axe Trading Event, which involves events such as obtaining a Red Turnip to giving Pascal a Scallop. Pascal will reward the player with a golden axe.

Golden Net

After catching all 56 bugs in the game and Mayor Tortimer will later visit the player and give them a golden net.

City Folk

Golden Shovel

Golden shovel-0

The golden shovel is obtained in City Folk the same way it is obtained in Wild World. The player must bury the shovel for one day (twenty-four hours) then dig it back up. The player can use their golden shovel to plant money trees, which will sprout three bags of, at most, 30,000 bells instead of fruit.

Golden Axe

Golden axe

The golden axe is one of the more difficult to obtain. The player must donate 200,000 Bells to the Town Fund and have had the new bridge built in their town. After it is built, the player must donate a further 400,000 Bells, which will allow a fountain to be built. The player must use the axe (press the (A) button) while standing in front of - and facing - the fountain. The player will have a conversation with Serena and the outcome is completely random. The player may get nothing, their axe back, a silver axe, or a golden axe, both of which are unbreakable.

Golden can

Golden Watering Can

Obtained when the player gets a perfect town and maintains it for fifteen days. Then, Pelly must be spoken to at the left counter and she will give the player the golden watering can. The golden watering can can be used to make a gold rose.

Golden Shopping Card

Golden rod

To obtain the golden card, the player must have 1,000,000 bells in the ABD.

Golden Fishing Rod

The player must have obtained every possible fish in the game. The next morning Tortimer will appear outside their house and reward them with the golden fishing rod.

Golden net

Golden Net

The player must have obtained every possible bug in the game. The next morning Tortimer will appear outside their house and reward them with the golden net.

Golden slingshot

Golden Slingshot

The player must knock down a golden 3-balloon set (much like the presents) that has the slingshot attached to it. The golden slingshot allows the player to shoot 3 pellets at once.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Golden Shovel

The player must buy a total of 50 fertilizers at the Gardening Store (which are found in T&T Emporium) then speak with Leif afterwards. The golden shovel is used to increase the effects of fertilizer and to plant money trees.

Golden Net

After catching all 72 insects in the game, the player must speak with Nat at the Bug Off to receive the golden net. The golden net has a wider radius than the normal net.

Golden Fishing Rod

After catching all 72 fish in the game, the player must speak with Chip at the Fishing Tourney. The golden fishing rod increases response time and a greater throwing radius.

Golden Watering Can

After keeping the town in the "perfect town" status for 15 days, the player will be given the golden watering can by Isabelle. The golden watering can allows the player to water all five spots in front of them at once, changing any black wilted roses into Golden Roses, which never wilt. Note that it becomes impossible to obtain Golden Roses after the Beautiful Town Ordinance is active, since flowers will no longer wilt.

Golden Axe

Buy 50 tree saplings from the Gardening Store and speak with Leif afterwards, and he will give the player the golden axe. The golden axe is indestructible, and will occasionally produce unique tree stumps.

Golden Slingshot

Found randomly in the sky after at least 14 regular balloons have been shot down with the regular slingshot, inside a toolbox carried by three gold balloons. The golden slingshot fires three shots at once.



  • The golden rod makes it easier to catch fish.
  • The golden net makes it easier to catch bugs.
  • The golden shovel can randomly dig up bells/increase bells dug from glowing holes. (AC)
  • The golden shovel lets the player plant Money Trees. (Wild WorldCity Folk and Animal Crossing: New Leaf)
  • The golden axe can cut trees down in a single swing (in NL, it has a decent chance to create Special Stump Patterns instead, (but the Silver Axe always creates them), and never breaks.
  • The golden slingshot shoots three pellets instead of one or two (Silver Slingshot).
  • The golden can waters an area of flowers (NL), and turns wilted black roses into golden roses.
  • The golden card is only effective in Gracie Grace's shop (CF). It gives a 20% discount on every item in the store, and allows one to make a payment via their bank account.

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