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キャラメル Caramel
Goldie NewLeaf Official
"A little bit of happiness is better than a lot of anguish."
Gender Personality Species
Female Normal Dog
Birthday December 27th (Capricorn)
Initial phrase woof
Initial clothes Hippie Shirt(AC)
Red Check Print(WW)
Dapper Tee(CF&NL)
Home request A home fit for a bookworm
Skill Dusting
Goal Dentist
Coffee Blue Mountain,
Lots of milk,
Three spoonfuls of sugar
Style Basic
Favorite song K.K. Bossa
Appearances Animal Forest,
Animal Forest +
Animal Crossing,
Animal Forest e+,
Wild World,
City Folk,
Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Happy Home Designer
Regional names Flag of France small Mirza
Flag of Germany small Bienchen
Flag of Spain Tere
Flag of Italy small Dora

"I'm really into that Lab on the cover of Nintendogs. He's pretty dreamy."
— Picture quote, Wild World
"It's always a good idea to have a clean cup on you when you go out anywhere."
— Goldie, Wild World
Goldie (キャラメル, Caramel?) is a normal dog villager from the Animal Crossing series, appearing in every game in the Animal Crossing series to date. Her name may serve as an allusion on the breed of dog she might be; a Golden Retriever. Her catchphrase is a popular way to interpret the sound dogs make. Her Japanese name is a reference to the golden brown confection, which matches her sweet personality and her coloration.


Goldie is a caramel-colored dog that looks like a mix between a Labrador retriever and a golden retriever with a few darker patches of beige on her muzzle, paws, tail, and ears. She also has a beige spot on her left eye, of which her eyes are a slim, oblong shape colored into a chocolate brown with cream pupils.

In Animal Crossing she initially wears a Hippie Shirt. In Wild World she wears a Red Check Shirt: a shirt that is basically has a "big plaid" red design. In City Folk and Animal Crossing: New Leaf, she wears a dapper shirt, which is golden with red and green diagonal stripes.


Below is a brief description of the normal personality. For more information, click here.
Goldie has a normal personality, and frequently acts kind towards the player. Normal villagers generally get along with lazy, peppy, smug, snooty and other normal villagers. She may conflict with cranky and uchi villagers. As a normal villager, Goldie will usually wake up at 6:00 am, and is easier to befriend than most. Both normal and peppy villagers reference an unseen friend known as Moppina.


Goldie's house does not have a specific theme. In Wild World and City Folk, it has a Birch Flooring and a Blue Trim Wall. Her turntable plays K.K. Bossa. She has a ranch bed, a regal book case, a cream sofa, and a green counter.

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf her house contains mostly modern wood furniture items like, the modern wood shelf, bed, lamp, and walling. She also has record player.

amiibo Card


amiibo Card
Amiibo card back
#317 Goldie
Type Dog
Star sign Capricorn
Birthday 12/27
Roll value 2
Hand sign Rock
Request A forest of books
Amiibo 317 Goldie
316 Zipper #317 Goldie 318 Stitches

amiibo Festival

amiibo Card
Amiibo card back
#402 Goldie
Type Dog
Star sign Capricorn
Birthday 12/27
Roll value 2
Hand sign Rock
Request A forest of books
Amiibo 402 Goldie
401 Isabelle #402 Goldie 403 Stitches


Animal Forest

Animal Crossing

Animal Forest e+

Wild World

City Folk

Animal Crossing: New Leaf


Happy Home Designer

In Happy Home Designer, she will ask for a book themed house. If the player adds a stereo to her house it will have Forest Life playing on it.


  • Her picture quote in Wild World mentions a Labrador, which may contribute to the theory that she is one as well.
  • She is the only character in Wild World to mention another video game in her picture quote.

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