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-Goose - Animal Crossing New Leaf
"Birds of a feather crow together."
Gender Personality Species
Male Jock Chicken
Birthday October 4th (Libra)
Initial phrase buh-kay
Initial clothes Tropical Tee
Home request A room for waking up early
Skill Waking up early
Goal Soccer player
Coffee Blend,
Lots of milk,
Three spoonfuls of sugar
Style Basic
Favorite song K.K. Country
Appearances AF, AF+, AC, AFe+, WW, CF, NL, HHD
Regional names Flag of South Korea 건태 Geontae
Flag of France small Pouli
Flag of Germany small Konrad
Flag of Spain Gus
Flag of Italy small Chirico

"Who ya callin' chicken, chicken?!"
— Picture quote, Wild World
Goose (ケンタ, Kenta?) is a jock chicken villager in the Animal Crossing series. His name is a reference to the bird, a goose, though his actual species is a chicken. His initial phrase, "buh-kay", is a play on the word "okay" and the sound a chicken makes. Goose has appeared in every version of the Animal Crossing series.


Goose is a typical white chicken with a yellow beak and feet, and a red comb. He may be mistaken for a cranky villager because of his large eyebrows and angry expression. He initially wears a Tropical Shirt.


Below is a brief description of the jock personality. For more information, click here.
Jock villagers usually appear to have a large amount of energy and are very interested in sports and bodybuilding. They can also be egotistical at times and are somewhat dense. As a jock villager, Goose will be very interested in his hobby and will often ask to compete with the player to see who can catch a certain fish or bug the fastest. Goose will easily get along with peppy villagers, who share similar traits. However, he will find it difficult to converse with lazy, snooty, and cranky villagers, as he will often not understand the conversation.


Goose's house has a specific country theme and is filled with furniture from the Ranch Series, such as a Ranch Hutch and a Ranch Bed. K.K. Country plays on a Retro Stereo.

amiibo Card

amiibo Card
Amiibo card back
#082 Goose
Type Chicken
Star sign Libra
Birthday 10/4
Roll value 5
Hand sign Paper
Request A room for waking up early
Amiibo 082 Goose
081 Eunice #082 Goose 083 Annalisa


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