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Gracie Designs are shirts appearing in Wild World or Animal Crossing that cannot be bought anywhere. They can only be received from Gracie herself. In Animal Crossing, the player must donate 3000 bells or more to Gracie, whilst in Wild World, the player answers a series of questions to gain their Certificate. After obtaining their Certificate, the player should keep talking to Gracie until she gives the player a Gracie shirt although they do have to donate 5000 bells or more to obtain a Gracie shirt. 

Here is a list of all the clothes from her fashion range:

  • Barber Shirt
  • Butterfly Shirt
  • Caterpillar Tee
  • Circuit Shirt
  • Citrus Shirt
  • Cool Shirt
  • Coral Shirt
  • Cow Print
  • Cow Shirt
  • Crossing Shirt
  • Fiendish Shirt
  • Flan Shirt
  • Giraffe Print
  • Giraffe Shirt
  • Gracie's Top
  • Grass Shirt
  • Hot Dog Shirt
  • Kiwi Shirt
  • Ladybug Shirt
  • Lavender Robe
  • Leopard Print
  • Melon Shirt
  • Moldy Shirt
  • Orange Pinstripe
  • Pulse Shirt
  • Sandwich Shirt
  • Suitable Print
  • Snow Shirt
  • Strawberry Shirt
  • Watermelon Shirt
  • Zebra Print
  • Zebra Shirt

The "moldy shirt" is obtained when Gracie does not approve of the player's outfit. The player can get the other shirts if they wear matching outfits (explorer shirt and explorer hat.) The moldy shirt can be obtained on Halloween when the player already has a pumpkin mask in City Folk. It can also be bought for 40 Bells at the Able Sisters store.

Here is a is a list of hats that Gracie sells:

  • Banana split hat
  • Black Veil
  • Bridal Veil
  • Cloche Hat
  • Coin Headpiece
  • Elegant Hat
  • Flashy Hairpin
  • Floppy Hay
  • Funky Wig
  • Gracie Hat
  • Hair Bow Wig
  • Headband
  • Hot Dog Hat
  • Matador Hat
  • Retro Helmet
  • Small Silk Hat
  • Tiara Hair
  • Witches Hat