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This article is about cranky goat villager from the Animal Crossing series. For the jock goat villager, see Billy.
ビリー Billy
Gruff NewLeaf Official
"Don't burn bridges."
Gender Personality Species
Male Cranky Goat
Birthday August 29th (Virgo)
Initial phrase bleh eh eh
Initial clothes Big-Star Tee
Home request A classic barbershop
Skill Staying up late
Goal Musician
Coffee Blend,
Just a little bit of milk,
One spoonful of sugar
Style Historical
Favorite song K.K. Rockabilly
Appearances AF, AF+, AC, AFe+, NL, HHD
Regional names Flag of France small Grognon
Flag of Germany small Siggi (AC)
Flag of Germany small Gregor (NL)
Flag of Spain Sátiro
Flag of Italy small Capriolè

"How about this weather, huh? It's like the sun's taken us! You get it? Bleh eh eh!"
— Gruff, New Leaf
Gruff (ビリー, Billy?) is a cranky goat villager in the Animal Crossing series. His name comes from the fairytale, The Three Billy Goats Gruff. Gruff was present in the early games of the series, but was absent in Wild World and City Folk; he reappears in New Leaf. He appears on the album cover for K.K. March.


Gruff is a goat with short, brown hair with a widow's-peak hairline. He also has a long goatee and sideburns. His fur is a spinach-green, and his inner-ear color is pink. His eyes are sapphire-blue, wide-set, and oval-shaped. His droopy lids also give him bedroom-eyes, and he has thick eyelashes on his lower-lids. He has white horns and hooves, and a black, oblong-shaped nose. He also has a fur-tipped, brown tail. He initially wears the Big Star Shirt.


Below is a brief description of the cranky personality. For more information, click here.
Cranky villagers will usually appear in a grouchy or agitated mood, and are more difficult to befriend than other villager types. When talking to the player, cranky villagers tend to become angry if the player disagrees with them or refuses to do a favor. Like all cranky villagers, Gruff will be invested in his hobby and will often challenge the player to various competitions. He will easily get along with jock, snooty and other cranky villagers, and occasionally lazy and normal villagers as well. However, he will find it hard to socialize with peppy villagers, as they will seem overstimulated or immature. Gruff will also enjoy spreading rumors of other villagers.


Gruff owns four different kinds of guitars, a piano, a jukebox, and a bass, which gives his house a rather musical appearance. The music playing in his house is Only Me.

In New Leaf he has K.K. Rockabilly. His house in New Leaf has a sleek bed, a jukebox, drumset, and electric guitar. Many items in his house make it feel like a 1950's diner, especially with the music.

amiibo Card

amiibo Card
Amiibo card back
#066 Gruff
Type Goat
Star sign Virgo
Birthday 8/27
Roll value 5
Hand sign Scissors
Request A classic barbershop
Amiibo 066 Gruff
065 Midge #066 Gruff 067 Flurry



  • He is the eldest of nine kids in his family.
  • His name is Bruce's catchphrase.


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