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New Leaf Gulliver

Gulliver washed up on the shores of a player's beach.

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Gulliver will occasionally wash up on the beach. When spoken to, or awakened with the megaphone, he will tell the player that he has forgotten where he was going. He will give the player a few key details about the country he was traveling to, and ask them if they know where it is. If the right country is selected, Gulliver will reward the player with an item reminiscent of that country, which is received as a postcard in the mail.

Name Image Description
Nutcracker (Germany) Nutcracker NewLeaf Nutcrackers are a mechanical device used for cracking nuts. They are also a decorative since they are wooden carvings of soldiers, knights or kings.
Dream-catcher (Canada) Dreamcatcher NewLeaf Dream Catchers are superstitious items said to alleviate nightmares if placed near to the place where an afflicted person sleeps.
Gladiator sandals (Greece) GladiatorSandals NewLeaf Worn by professional fighters in Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome.
Samgyetang (Korea) Samgyetang NewLeaf Korean soup dish made from ginseng and chicken.
Red-Tasseled Lantern (China) ChineseLantern NewLeaf Associated with festivals in East Asia. Made of a paper bag, containing a lit candle.
Moai (Easter Island) Moai NewLeaf Monolithic statues built on Easter Island by the Rapa Nui people 600 years ago.
Manneken Pis (Belgium) MannekenPiss NewLeaf Statue designed in the 14th century, and sculpted in the 17th century. Depicts a young boy urinating into a fountain, with water representing urine.
Tapestry (Peru) Tapestry NewLeaf
Cursed Mask (Kenya) CursedMask NewLeaf Traditional African mask. Most traditional African cultures, the person who wears a ritual mask conceptually loses their human identity and turns into the spirit represented by the mask itself.
Hula doll (Hawaii) HullaDoll NewLeaf Hawaiian bobblehead doll depicting a young woman performing a hula dance.
Statue of Liberty (America) StatueLiberty NewLeaf Located in New York. A present from the people of France to the people of the United States.
Matryoshka (Russia) Matryoshka NewLeaf Hollow doll concealing a small version of itself within, which in turn contains a smaller version of itself.
Bagpipes (Scotland) Bagpipe NewLeaf Famous traditional Scottish instrument. Uses a reed and a bag of air to produce sound.
Ayers Rock (Australia) AyersRock NewLeaf Famous Australian landmark. Sandstone formation in the Australian outback over three hundred meters tall. World-famous tourist destination.
Conical Hat (Vietnam) ConicalHat NewLeaf Traditional East Asian headgear. First documented over two thousand years ago. Used mainly to keep sun and rain off a wearer, but can now be bought as popular souvenirs.
Mouth of Truth (Italy) MouthTruth NewLeaf Roman artifact possibly depicting the god of the River Tiber, which runs through Rome. Said to serve as a lie detector in later centuries, if one placed their hand in its mouth.
Gaudi's Lizard (Spain) Gaudi’s Lizard NewLeaf Sculpture of an ancient dragon located in Park Güell, Barcelona, Spain.
Shamrock Clock (Ireland) ShamrockClock NewLeaf Clock based on a four-leafed clover. Such clovers are well-known as symbols of Ireland.
Kinderdijk Windmill (Netherlands) WindmillStatue NewLeaf Famous windmill located in the Netherlands. Windmills are often cited as a symbol of this low-lying country.
Tuk Tuk (Thailand) TukTuk NewLeaf Thai taxi service. Commonplace across Thailand's narrow streets.
Sitar (India) Sitar NewLeaf A plucked string instrument used primarily in Indian classical music. Can have up to 20 strings.
Merlion (Singapore) Merloin NewLeaf A mythical creature with the head of a lion and the body of a fish, used as a mascot and national personification of Singapore. Statues of this mythical creature can be found there.
Mermaid Statue (Denmark) MermaidStatue NewLeaf Famous statue located in Copenhagen. Depicts a mermaid lying on a rock.
Big Ben (United Kingdom) BigBen NewLeaf Clock tower located above the Houses of Parliament in London, UK. Often cited as a symbol of England.
Mariachi Skeleton (Mexico) MariachiSkeleton NewLeaf It is a figure representing the Day of the Dead, a Mexican holiday on the 2nd of November.
Rooster (Portugal) Rooster NewLeaf
Pagoda (Japan) Pagoda NewLeaf A traditional, tiered tower built mainly in East Asia. Often considered a symbol of Japan. Such towers were sometimes used for religions practices.
Eiffel Tower (France) EiffelTower NewLeaf One of the world's most recognizable structures. This iron tower is over three hundred meters tall, and one of the most-visited landmarks worldwide.
Sarcophagus (Egypt) Sarcophagus NewLeaf A decorated coffin used to commemorate the pharaohs (kings) of ancient Egypt. Upon excavation, archaeologists can find mummies inside, the preserved remains of Ancient Egyptian rulers.