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ハムスケ Hamusuke
"The ear's the thing."
Gender Male
Personality Jock
Species Hamster
Birthday May 30th
Star sign Gemini
Initial phrase hammie
Initial clothes Big Star Shirt
Favorite song K.K. Reggae
Appearances Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Regional names Flag of Spain Bombo
Flag of France small Jojo
Flag of Italy small Amleto

Hamlet (ハムスケ, Hamusuke) is a jock hamster villager that first appears in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. His English and Japanese names start the same way as "hamster", his species. His name may refer to Shakespeare's famous play: "Hamlet."


Hamlet is a hamster who originally wears a purple shirt with a yellow star in the middle.He has teal ears, light yellow skin, and a streak of brown hair. Like the other hamsters , he is shorter than most villagers. He acts like a kid and his house reflects that about him. 


Below is some information about the jock personality. For more information about the jock personality, click here.

Hamlet is a jock villager, which means he would talk about his strengths and other physical achievements that other. He normally agrees with every villager, however because lazy villagers are the complete opposite of anything to do with physical activities, Hamlet gets offended. Because  he is a jock-type villager Hamlet is often giving advice to the player and embraces him/her in a brother/sister like way.


Hamlet's house has a playroom theme, with many of the striped series and a mega drilloid. He has a Playroom Wall and a Sloppy Carpet. His Kiddie Stereo plays K.K. Reggae.

Hamusuke's house

Hamlet's House



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