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ヘラブナ Herabuna
#2 #2
Location Price
Unknown 300 Bells
Size Shadow size
39cm Medium
Time of year Time of day
All year All day
Scientific name Carassius cuvieri
Family Cyprinidae
Appearances Animal Forest
Animal Forest +
Rarity Uncommon (***)
Regional names Unknown
"I caught a herabuna! It's so flat!" —Animal Forest

The herabuna is a fish that only appears in Animal Forest and Animal Forest +. It can be found in the River Pool at any time of the day and year, but its Peak Months are March, June, and August to September. In the English-translated Animal Crossing: Population Growing and the subsequent Japanese Animal Forest e+ it is replaced by the brook trout.

The herabuna is a "medium" (size 3) fish, a size larger than the crucian carp but the same as the dace.

Capture quotes

「ヘラブナを つりあげた! へらべったーい!」 —Animal Forest


Further Information


A real life herabuna.

The Herabuna is a member of the carp family closely related to the crucian carp, and native to Japan. The popular name for this fish in America is "Japanese crucian carp" or "white crucian carp." Herabuna are completely endemic to large lakes. They are not commercially valuable and are purely sport-fish, not generally eaten.

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