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The Insect Series (ムシセット Mushi Setto?) is a series of furniture that first appears in New Leaf. It can only be obtained through Nat for participating in the Bug-Off, and is unable to be ordered through the catalog with the exception of the wallpaper and flooring.

Furniture Items

Item Name Image Buy Price Sell Price Available From Style Size
Beetle chair Beetle chair N/A 450 Nat Toy Shop 1sq
Caterpillar sofa Caterpillar sofa N/A 450 Nat Toy Shop 2sq
Cicada stereo Cicada stereo N/A 450 Nat Toy Shop 1sq
Firefly lamp Firefly lamp N/A 450 Nat Toy Shop 1sq
Honeybee chest Honeybee chest N/A 450 Nat Toy Shop 1sq
Ladybug chair Ladybug chair N/A 450 Nat Toy Shop 1sq
Mini butterfly table Mini butterfly table N/A 450 Nat Toy Shop 1sq
Snail clock Snail clock N/A 450 Nat Toy Shop 1sq
Spiderweb clock Spiderweb clock N/A 500 Nat Toy Shop 1sq
Stag-beetle chair Stag-beetle chair N/A 450 Nat Toy Shop 1sq

Wallpaper and Flooring

Item Name Image Buy Price Sell Price Available From
Butterfly wall Butterfly wall 1,480 370 Nat
Ladybug carpet Ladybug carpet 1,620 410 Nat

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