ツバクロ Tsubakuro
Jay NewLeaf Official
"He who hesitates has lost!"
Gender Personality Species
Male Jock Bird
Birthday July 17th (Cancer)
Initial phrase heeeeeyy
Initial clothes Six-Ball Tee
Home request A bowling alley
Skill Tongue Twisters
Goal Race car driver
Coffee Killimanjaro,
None at all,
None at all
Style Sporty
Favorite song K.K. Waltz
Appearances AF, AF+, AC, AFe+, WW, CF, NL, HHD, PC
Regional names Flag of France small Gérard
Flag of Germany small Jan
Flag of Spain Jota
Flag of Italy small Jet

You gotta want it!
― Picture quote, Wild World
Jay (ツバクロ, Tsubakuro?) is a jock bird villager in the Animal Crossing series. His English name is derived from the species of bird, although there are no jays that have red heads like the villager. His Japanese name, is the katakana writing of 燕 (Tsubakuro), which is the Japanese word for "Swallow" (the species of bird), it also can mean "comfort," or "enjoy." His catchphrase, "Heeeeeeyy," could be a reference to Fonzie from the show Happy Days. So far, Jay has been featured in every game. He appears on the album cover for King K.K.



Jay is a bird with blue, red, and white feathers and an orange beak and legs, and is similar to a swallow. His eyebrows are black. He initially wears the Six Ball Shirt.


Below is a brief description of the jock personality. For more information, click here.
Jay has a jock personality, and has a great interest in sports and bodybuilding. Jock villagers are hyperactive and motivated, but often come across as egotistical and dense. As a jock villager, Jay is very interested in his hobby, and may compete against the player for catching bugs and fish. Jock villagers get along with peppy, cranky and uchi villagers, but conflict with the laid-back lifestyle of lazy villagers. Snooty villagers may also be difficult to get along with for Jay.


Jay's house has a classical theme, with K.K. Waltz playing on his gramaphone. In Animal Crossing, Jay has the Perfect painting in his house. As shown on the side, Jay likes to collect instruments. Jay's carpet is the classic carpet and his wallpaper is the ornate wallpaper.

Jay has a lot of violins and a piano. The perfect painting and the instruments are also left out in the later games.


Ac A096 Screen Shot
Ac A096 bk
#096 Jay
Gender Male
Type Bird
Star sign Cancer
Clothes Six-ball shirt
Petphrase Heeeeeyy
Password 5P7nNzivFtBw8J
Profile Some guys have all they luck. No matter what they try they hand at, they're better than everyone else. Jay has most of the luck, but hey also has those strange, red forehead feathers.
Ac A096
095 Patty #096 Jay 097 Midge

amiibo Card

amiibo Card
Amiibo card back
#175 Jay
Type Bird
Star sign Cancer
Birthday 7/17
Roll value 2
Hand sign Paper
Request A bowling alley
Amiibo 175 Jay
174 Bettina #175 Jay 176 Sprinkle



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