Original Encounter

1st Encounter

Happy holidays! I'm Jingle, the black-nosed reindeer! Aren't holidays wonderful? Tell me the truth: you love it for the presents, don't you? Just look at all this snow! It's a white winter! How romantic! But I've got a lot of work to do, so I don't have time to socialize right now! I'm supposed to deliver all these presents to good children all over the world! I love my job! I deliver dreams and hopes to everybody! I'm the luckiest reindeer in the whole, wide world! Ho ho ho! Oops, I've really got to get going now. I've got a lot of work to do if I want to finish delivering all the gifts tonight... Well, I'll see you around! Buh-bye!

You're being very naughty! I'm on a very important mission, you know! Don't you have anyone you could be spending this festive season with? Oh, I need to ask you to do something. When you talk to me, will you stay to my left? Oh, it's not all that important, but... That's really my best side... Ho ho ho! Well, I'm hoofin' it again. Buh-bye!

Oh, I'm so busy! Let's see... Nope, your name's not anywhere on my list. Anyway, I should be going... So long!

What is it? We just spoke. You're so naughty! Listen, I'm a busy guy! Please don't interrupt me while I'm working. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm hoofin' it! Buh-bye!

2nd Encounter

Oh, it's you again! Say, which do you like better, big things or things you can fold up? >Oh, of course! Big things, by all means! >It's the size of the gift that counts, you know! The better you'ves been, the bigger the gift! >All right, I'm hoofin' it!

3rd Encounter

Oh, it's you again! Say, do you prefer woven things or printed things? Oh, right on. Things that are printed, of course. After all, where would the world be without print, hmm?

4th Encounter

Oh, it's you again! Are you following me? Say, do you prefer big things or printed things? Oh, so you like big things! OK, OK... Oh, I'd better get back to delivering all these gifts! I'll see you later! Buh-bye!

5th Encounter

Oh, you! You've found me again! Ho ho ho! Listen, I'm not supposed to do this, but... I'll give you a gift! You were probably on list somewhere, I'm sure. I think you'll find that it's something you like! Seeing you smile makes me the happiest reindeer in the whole, wide world! Oh, I'm so lucky! Well, I still have work to do. Buh-bye!

I'm glad I brought some extra gifts to hand out. I'm only allowed to give gifts to people on my list. But your happiness means so much more to me! Don't tell anyone, OK? (I'm being a little naughty) Well, so long!

Repeated Encounter

1st Encounter

Ho, there! Hey, aren't you... Oh, silly me! Of course you're not the same person. Ho ho ho! Oops! Say, do you like big things or [printed things/woven things/things you can fold]? Oh, I see. So you like [answer], do you? Ok. All right... Oh, oops! I don't think I have any more gifts... Excuse me, now. Buh-bye!

2nd Encounter

Oh, look, it's you! Listen, I have exactly one gift left over. Strictly speaking, I'm not supposed to do this, but... I'll give it to you! I'm sure you'll find something you like in it! Your smile matters more to me than the most precious gift imaginable! Oh, I'm the luckiest reindeer in the whole world! Well, looks like I've got to hoof it. Buh-bye!