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チョイ Choi
Gender Personality Species
Female Uchi Cat
Birthday April 27th (Taurus)
Initial phrase purrty
Initial clothes Pep-Squad Tee
Home request A gathering of Katts
Skill Playing old maid
Goal Swimmer
Coffee Kilimanjaro,
None at all,
None at all
Style Rock 'n' roll
Favorite song Surfin' K.K.
Appearances NL, HHD
Regional names Flag of France small Kat
Flag of Germany small Janine
Flag of Spain Melina
Flag of Italy small Ofelia

Katt (チョイ, Choi?) is an uchi cat villager who first appeared in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Her name means 'cat' in Swedish and Norwegian, and references her species. Her catchphrase refers to the word "pretty" and the sound cats make; "purr." Her catchphrase could have also been derived from the word "party." She is the only uchi cat so far. She appears on the album cover for Spring Blossoms


Katt is a brown cat with gray inner ear fur and yellow eyes that look similar to glasses. She has yellow stripes on her legs, arms, face and tail. She has small fangs and her paws are white. She initially wears the Pep Squad Shirt. Due to her lack of feminine features, she could easily be mistaken for a male.


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Katt is an uchi ("big sister") villager. She will have a tendency to be blunt with the player, teaching them how to "always win at fights" and ways to relax. She will also act like a caring big sister to the player once they become close friends. Katt may get along with jock villagers who share her love of sports, and lazy villagers for how laid-back they are. However, she may conflict with snooty and cranky villagers, who spread rumors about others.


Katt's house is similar to a rock concert. She has two Sleek Sofas in the front of her room, facing toward many rock instruments, such as two electric guitars and a drum set. She also has a Pothos and an amp in the back of the room. She has a High-End Stereo that plays Surfin' K.K.


  • Talking to Katt in the rain.
  • Finding Katt in Hide-and-Seek.
  • Katt talking about potatoes.
  • Hosting hide and seek.
  • Katt and her itchy catchphrase.
  • Katt talks about Tank and Colton.
  • Talking to Katt in Summer Solstice.
  • Katt converses with Groucho about "Team Beach Towel."
  • Katt makes a note on why everyone is bug hunting.
  • Katt wanting Groucho to be a stand-up comedian.
  • Katt shopping at Re-Tail.
  • Katt talks about miniatures.
  • Katt talks about digging holes.
  • Katt asks for a fruit.
  • Waking up Katt.
  • Katt talks about the rain.
  • Talking to Katt at the Club LOL nightclub.
  • Katt and Tank applauding.
  • Talking to Katt inside her house.
  • Changing Katt's catchphrase.
  • Katt and her nocturnal habit.
  • Hitting Katt with a net.
  • Katt thinks she's psychic.
  • Katt talks about Tucker being in racquetball.
  • Telling Katt "pitch black."
  • Katt hearing Tucker wrestling a bear.
  • Katt explaining her dream from her usage at the Dream Suite.
  • Katt asks about Hide-and-Seek in the rain.
  • Katt fishing.
  • Katt conversing with Victoria about staying up late.
  • Talking to Katt stuck in a pitfall.
  • Reaction to flea.
  • Katt applauding.
  • Talking to Katt in the morning.
  • Talking to Katt while she's angry.
  • Completing Katt's player house visit request.
  • Another player conversing with Katt.
  • Katt mentions about a new villager.
  • Katt pinpoints to other players in own town.
  • Talking to Katt while bees are in the vicinity.
  • Katt suggests a project.
  • Katt coversing with Colton's self-esteem.
  • Bee sting reaction.
  • Talking to Katt while bees are in the vicinity.
  • Talking to Katt while bees are in the vicinity.
  • A player falls into a pitfall and Isabelle and Katt are shocked.


  • In the English version, because the names Katt and Kapp'n both have very similar syllables and pronunciation, attempting to call Katt's name through the megaphone often results in Kapp'n's name being called out.

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