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イノッチ Inocchi
BeFunky Inocchi.jpg
"Sometimes it's OK to get dirty."
Gender Personality Species
Male Jock Pig
Birthday April 26th (Taurus)
Initial phrase weeweewee
Initial clothes After-School Jacket
Home request A spaceship
Skill Whistling
Goal Sumo wrestler
Coffee Mocha
No milk
No sugar[citation needed]
Style Sporty
Favorite song K.K. Island
Appearances NL, HHD
Regional names Flag of France small Jean-Bon
Flag of Germany small Kevin
Flag of Spain Porcinio
Flag of Italy small Kotekiño

Kevin (イノッチ Inocchi?) is a jock pig villager who first appeared in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. His Japanese name comes from イノシシ (inoshisi?), which means wild boar. His English name may be a reference to the American actor, Kevin Bacon. His catchphrase, "weeweewee," may be a reference to "This Little Piggy," a children's nursery rhyme.


Kevin is a light orange pig with dark orange stripes around the sides of his face. He has a few freckles on both of his cheeks. His ears flop down and are blue on the inside, and he has a light pink snout. His initially wears the After School Jacket.


Below is a brief description of the jock personality. For more information, click here.

Kevin has a jock personality, which means he will have a keen interest in sports and fitness, making him appear competitive and in some cases rude when talking to other villagers, usually criticizing their fitness. He will appear slow-witted and absent-minded when talking about deep, meaningful things. He will occasionally gossip but mostly talk about exercising and fitness. He will get along well with peppy and normal villagers, but gets confused by the choice of lifestyle followed by lazy villagers, who appear opposite to the jock personality. He may offend and upset snooty and cranky villagers.


He has a tree-lined wall and sidewalk.

He has a cupid bench, phone box, CD player, barber's pole, iron frame, steamroller and a sawhorse in his house.


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