ディアナ Dhiana
Gender Personality Species
Female Peppy Chicken
Birthday April 7th (Aries)
Initial phrase cutie
Initial clothes Puzzling Shirt
Appearances AF, AF+, AC, AFe+

And why are we still doing it? I mean, that's so two decades ago! And isn't 6:00am, like, way early?
― Leigh, complaining about Morning Aerobics, Animal Crossing
Leigh (ディアナ, Dhiana?, Diana) is a peppy chicken villager from the Animal Crossing series. Her name may be a pun on the word "lay", which is the word used when a hen lays her eggs, but Leigh is also a real life female name (feminine version of Lee). So far her only appearances are in the earlier Animal Crossing games.


Leigh is an orange chicken with blue tipped feathers, a red beak, and maroon feet. She appears to have an Indian headdress and warpaint, and a colorful block shirt. Leigh looks like a Native American. She initially wears a Puzzling Shirt.


Below is a brief description of the peppy personality. For more information, click here.
Peppy villagers appear to be in a good mood often, and are easy to become friends with. As a peppy villager, Leigh will have the tendency to over-react in conversations about trivial subjects, and will usually be over-excited to see the player or other villagers. This villager, like other peppy villagers, will rarely be discouraged from doing anything, including the usual hobbies. Peppy villagers dream of becoming famous in the future and read Ms. Nintendique, an unseen magazine read by snooty, normal, and other peppy villagers in the Animal Crossing Series. Peppy villagers will also have a very short attention span, which means they soon forget some arguments or tasks given to the player which were not completed. Leigh may easily get upset in conversation when wrong things are said. She will get along well with other villagers, particularly the lazy, normal, jock, uchi, other peppy villagers, but she may annoy and upset cranky and snooty villagers, whose personalities differ. Due to the nature of peppy villagers, she may mention how "old" or "boring" cranky villagers are compared to her opposing, upbeat personality.


Leigh has all of the pieces of the Cabin Series inside her house such as the cabin table and bed along with the wallpaper and flooring of the Cabin Series. She plays Go K.K. Rider! when she has a stereo. She also has three gyroids, the Tall Alloid, Mega Dingloid, and the Mini Lamentoid including a Small Cactus. In Animal Forest and Animal Crossing, however, she has two gyroids and no stereo.


Ac A093 Screen Shot
Ac A093 bk
#093 Leigh
Gender Female
Type Chicken
Star sign Sagittarius
Clothes Puzzling shirt
Petphrase Cutie
Password oYYrnEKSz95fwH
Profile It's hard being the busy chick in town. Leigh is always out with friends, shopping for furniture or looking for Gracie. She spends so much time thinking about these activities, she has little brain space left for remembering anything.
Ac A093
092 Ava #093 Leigh 094 Chuck


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