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ティーチャ― Teacher
Leopold NL
"The bigger the first, the bigger your dinner."
Gender Personality Species
Male Jock(AC)
Smug (NL)
Birthday August 14th (Leo)
Initial phrase lion cub
Initial clothes noble shirt
Skill Debating
Goal Professor
Coffee Mocha,
Lots of milk,
3 spoonfuls of sugar
Favorite song Mr. K.K.
Appearances AF, AF+, AC, AFe+, NL
Regional names Flag of Italy small Leandro
Flag of Germany small Leopold
Flag of Spain Leopoldo
Flag of France small Leandro

"Tell me, <player>, what's new, lion cub?"
— Leopold, Animal Crossing
Leopold (ティーチャ―, Teacher?) is a lion villager with a smug (formerly jock) personality. His name originates from the real name Leopold, specifically due to the root word of "leo", Latin for lion. His Japanese name is likely a reference to his clothing.

Leopold returned to the series in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, as part of the Welcome Amiibo update. By scanning amiibo cards this villager can be met via the campground and invited to the town.



Leopold is a lion with a beige "ecru" color to his fur, and a lighter beige color to his muzzle. He has a green mane, which looks like long green hair. His initial clothing is the Noble Shirt. He also wears green glasses as accessories. The way his face is designed makes him look like a lazy villager.


Leopold's personality changes from a jock villager in Animal Crossing to a smug villager in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

In Animal Crossing

Below is a brief description of the jock personality. For more information, click here.
Leopold has a jock personality, and has a great interest in sports and bodybuilding. Jock villagers are hyperactive and motivated, but often come across as egotistical and dense. As a jock villager, Leopold is very interested in his hobby, and may compete against the player for catching bugs and fish. Jock villagers get along with peppy, cranky and uchi villagers, but conflict with the laid-back lifestyle of lazy villagers. Snooty villagers may also be difficult to get along with for Leopold.

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Below is a brief description of the smug personality. For more information, click here.
Smug villagers are very polite, kind, and gentleman-like. As a smug villager, Leopold will get along easily with other villagers. Smug villagers get along well with most villagers, their personality appearing to be a mix of the other personality types. As a smug villager he will stroke his ego from time to time, going on about how cool he is.

Generally, Leopold will get along with lazy, normal, snooty and peppy villagers, and may conflict with cranky villagers.


Leopold's house has a rather huge amount of the Classic Series in his house, with many furniture such as the Classic Table and the Classic Sofa, Leopold even has the Classic Vanity including two Harmonoids as well as a harp, with the Wallpaper being the Classic Wall and the Flooring is the Classic Rug. There is no Stereo, but if he obtains one K.K. Gumbo is played.

amiibo Card

Welcome amiibo Card
W Amiibo card back
#37 Leopold
Wallpaper and Flooring
W Amiibo 37 Leopold
36 Candi #37 Leopold 38 Spike


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