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Pete delivery letter

Type Communication,
Durability Unknown
Stackable No
Availability Given to or received from other characters.
Appearances Animal Forest,
Animal Crossing,
Dōbutsu no Mori e+,
Animal Crossing: Wild World,
Animal Crossing: City Folk,
Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Regional names Unknown

A letter from the Nintendo Team.

Letters are a way to communicate in the Animal Crossing series. Players have the ability to write, send, and receive letters to villagers and friends.

Sending Letters

To send a letter, the Player must first obtain some stationery. Stationery comes in a variety of forms, but is usually inexpensive. It can be ordered through the catalog, can be purchased at Tom Nook's, can be found at the Dump or Police Station in Animal Crossing, or at the Recycling Bin or the Town Gate's lost property in Animal Crossing: Wild World and Animal Crossing: City Folk. After being obtained (almost without exception in groups of four sheets) and then selected in the Player's inventory, they must then choose the 'Write Letter' option. After this, a list of potential recipients appears- the Player must select one of them to proceed. Available recipients include;

  • Villagers of the Player's town.
  • Other Players living in the town, and, in City Folk, Players on the friend roster.
  • Faraway Museum (Animal Crossing only)- fossils must be sent here for identification.
  • Your future self [when you mail you can select a time to when you will get the letter]

Having selected the recipient, the letter may now be composed. In Animal Crossing, City Folk, and New Leaf, each letter has six lines to write on, whereas a letter in Wild World only has four. The lines containing the writer's name and the receiver's name can also be edited, but the recipient's name cannot be removed.

Once the letter has been written, the Player is then given a complete view of the letter to allow for proof-reading. Once accepted, the letter then appears in the mail section of the Player's inventory. From there, it can be deleted, re-written or have a gift attached to it. All items, with the exception of fish, bugs, turnips, deep-sea creatures (New Leaf) and villagers items can be sent as a gift.

Once the Player is satisfied with their letter, it must then be taken to the Post Office (Animal Crossing and New Leaf) or the Town Hall (Wild World and City Folk) to be sent off for delivery. In Animal Crossing, when at least five letters are sent off in one go, Pete the pelican can be seen flying into the air when the Player leaves the building.

Letters are the only way to communicate besides talking in Animal Crossing. Most of the villagers love receiving letters along with presents .

Receiving Letters

Letters can be received from all manner of animals, some as a result of special events. Here is a list of characters that send letters to the Player:


In Animal Crossing and Animal Crossing: New Leaf, the Player must go to the Post Office to mail letters, which is replaced by the Town Hall in Animal Crossing: Wild World and Animal Crossing: City Folk. It is also possible to attach furniture and such to letters, although you cannot send living things or turnips.

Letters can only be written on a piece of stationery, which can be bought from Tom Nook. In Wild World, letters contain four lines to write on, while in all other versions of the series, they have six lines.

If sending letters to a villager, spelling errors are picked up on, sometimes resulting in a complaint by the villager. Letters are almost always replied to, but only have a present attached if one is sent to them in the first place. (Except of the occasion where you are receiving a reward for doing a task for the villager) Letters are kept by the villager upon moving, and can be shown to others. In Animal Crossing: City Folk and Animal Crossing: New Leaf, telling Pelly or Phyllis "I have a problem!" then "residents!" then "weird letters!" will erase that neighbor's saved letters.

Depending on how many lines you write a neighbor, they can give you different items in return. If you were to give them, say a fruit, and write them a four line long letter, they will not give you fruit back, but something else.

Receive # Of Lines Give
Fruit/Shirts 1 Shell or fruit
Wallpaper 2 Fruit
Wallpaper 3 Fruit
Rug 4


Writing Letters

The first step to writing a letter in Animal Crossing is to buy stationery to write on. There are up to 64 different types of stationery. Depending on what Tom Nook's shop is upgraded to (or if he still owns Nook's Cranny), there will be a number of different kinds of stationery you can choose to buy each day. At the start of the game, his store only has 1 pack of stationery in stock each day. You can write 4 letters per pack of stationery, and the cost for each type is 160 bells (except for the Elegant Paper which is 800 bells per pack).

After you buy the one you prefer, go to your item menu and select the stationery: A few options will come up. Select the "write a letter" option. You will then pick the recipient. After this, you can start writing the letter.

Thoughtful and grammatically correct letters will certainly earn you points in your community, so make sure you spell words out carefully. If you don't, the animal will either not understand your letter, or be displeased. Hateful or inappropriate words will also be seen as a threat to neighbors, so don't expect the animal receiving the letter to be overjoyed if profane language is written all over it.

Tip: You can change the greeting and ending of your letter.

Remember, you can write up to 6 lines in all the Animal Crossing games with the exception of Wild World which only allows 4. Putting symbols such as hearts, stars, or musical notes enhances your letter and is more likely to bring joy to the recipient. Gifts are also a nice way to get close to your neighbors. Please note that there are certain things that you can not send in your letters. If you send a gift in your letter to a neighbor, you are more than likely to get a gift in return from them in the mail.

Tip: It is rumored that if you send your native fruit to a neighbor and ask them to send you back a specific type of fruit, that they will send you that back. (This is only true in AC:CF)

Once you are finished writing a letter, you can leave it as it is or attach a gift by dragging and dropping some items it to the letter from the letter menu. Remember that you can edit the letter at any time (that includes changing the recipient, also).

Now you just have to take a trip to the Town Hall or Post Office so that Pete (the pelican mailman) can deliver it!

"Rain, sleet, snow, or hail, we'll deliver what you mail!" - Pelly

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