First introduced in Wild World, a Look is the term given to a unified clothing theme. A Look consists of a shirt and a piece of headgear - either a hat or a full facial "helmet". An entire Look is hardly ever on sale on the same day.

Oddly, many outfits that contribute to a Look were once Gracie's exclusive designs, but are now common to the Able Sisters.

Identifying a Look

Upon selecting an item, Mabel, the clerk at the Able Sisters, will give its name and price. If this piece of clothing is part of a Look, however, Mabel will also add that it is a part of a certain Look, which she will name in conversation by highlighting the name in blue.

Benefits of a Look

A complete Look is the only way to impress Gracie the designer. She is the owner of GracieGrace, a city boutique, and appears in the shop or in front of the town hall infrequently to offer opinions on her customer's clothing. In order to seek her approval, the player must have a complete Look, matching hair and accessories when appropriate (i.e, not wearing a helmet), and shoes that match by color.

Upon being approved, Gracie offers a temporary discount of 10% on all items in her store. This offer only applies for as long as the player remains in the store.

A complete Look will also let the player go trick or treating on Halloween. To do this, enter an animal's house and talk to them. Characters who are outside will not be able to turn the player's clothes into rags if they're wearing a complete look.

Look List

This is a list of all the complete looks the player can have.

Fruit Looks

  • Grape Look - Grape Shirt, Grape Hat
  • Kiwi Look - Kiwi Shirt, Kiwi Hat
  • Melon Look - Melon Shirt, Melon Hat
  • Strawberry Look - Strawberry Shirt, Strawberry Hat
  • Tangerine Look - Citrus Shirt, Mandarin Hat
  • Watermelon Look - Watermelon Shirt, Watermelon Hat

Hero Looks

  • Blue Hero Look - Blue-Zap Suit, Blue Zap Helmet, Blue-Zap Pants
  • Green Hero Look - Green-Zap Suit, Green Zap Helmet, Green-Zap Pants
  • Heroine Look - Pink-Zap Suit, Pink Zap Helmet
  • Red Hero Look - Red-Zap Suit, Red Zap Helmet, Red-Zap Pants

Animal Looks

  • Bear Look - Bear Top, Bear Cap
  • Bunny Look - Fluffy Shirt, Bunny Hood
  • Cat Look - Cat Top, Cat Cap
  • Frog Look - Frog Top, Frog Leggings, Frog Hat
  • Kappa Look - Kappa Suit, Kappa Cap
  • Chicken Look - Chicken Top, Chicken Head

Occupational Looks

  • Astronaut Look - Space Suit, Space Helmet
  • Captain Look - Captain Hat, Captain's Shirt
  • Chef Look - Chef Hat, Chef Uniform
  • Combat Look - Combat Helmet, Jungle Camo
  • Cyclist Look - Bicycle Helmet, Cycling Outfit
  • Detective Look - Detective Shirt, Detective Hat
  • Doctor Look - Doctor's Mirror, Doctor's Coat
  • Explorer Look- Explorer Shirt, Explorer Hat
  • Firefighter - Firefighter Tee, Fireman's Hat
  • Graduate Look - Scholar Hat, Graduation Gown
  • Laborer Look - Orange Jumpsuit, Safety Helmet
  • Police Look - Police Cap, Security Shirt
  • Racer Look - Racing Shirt, Racing Helmet (or) Motocross Helmet
  • Sailor Look - Sailor Suit, Sailor Hat
  • Wrestler Look - Wrestler Shirt, Wrestling Mask

Miscellaneous Looks

  • Alpine Look - Molecule Tee, Tyrolean Hat
  • Angel Look - Wings, Angel Top and Halo
  • Bridal Look - Bridal Veil, Cake Shirt
  • Cavalier Look - Cavalier Hat, One Way Tee
  • Egyptian Look - King Tut Mask, Egyptian Shirt
  • Graduate Look - Scholar Hat, Graduation Gown
  • Jester Look - Jester's Cap, Jester Shirt
  • Knight Look - Knight's Helmet, Armor Suit
  • Link Look - Hero's Cap, Hero's Clothes, Hero's Boots
  • Magical Look - Witch's Hat, Witch Shirt
  • Masquerade Look - Top Hat, Masquerade Mask, Tuxedo
  • Mummy Look - Mummy Shirt, Dressing
  • Native Look - Folk Tunic, Warbonnet (or) Cowbone
  • Ninja Look - Burglar's Shirt (or) Bathrobe, Ninja Hood
  • Nordic Look - Dutch Shirt, Dutch Hat
  • Ornate Look - Chinese Shirt, Pigtail (or) Silk Hat
  • Persian Look - Persian Coat, Turban
  • Pirate Look - Pirate's Coat, Pirate's Hat, Eye Patch
  • Princess Look - Princess Shirt, Crown
  • Regal Look - Royal Shirt, Royal Crown, King's Beard
  • Reggae Look - Poncho, Sombrero
  • Samurai Look - Samurai Suit, Samurai Wig (or) Helmet
  • Samus Look - Samus Mask, Varia Suit
  • Snowman Look - Snowman Hat, Snow Shirt
  • Spa Look - Headband, Bathrobe, Cucumber Pack, Lemon Pack
  • Viking Look - Scale Armor, Viking Helmet
  • Warrior Look - Roman Helmet, Gold Armor Suit
  • Western Look - Outback Hat, Western Shirt
  • Witch Look - Witch Hat, Witch Shirt
  • Zen Look - Geisha Wig, Kimono

Gallery of Looks and Corresponding Shoes