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Lucky Clover

Last edited on April 10, 2014
by Dragonfree97
"Check it out! I found a four-leaf clover! Does this mean I'll be really lucky now?" —City Folk
"Whoa! I found a four-leaf clover! I wonder if that makes me lucky?" —New Leaf

Clover in City Folk
One every few days
Clover (Wild World)

Clovers are a sub-type of weed introduced in Animal Crossing: Wild World, and later appearing in Animal Crossing: City Folk and Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Like typical weeds, players can pluck them from the ground or dig them out with a shovel. Unlike typical weeds, they do not bring negative effects to your village if left alone, similar to Dandelions. Clovers vary in color depending on the time of year in your town. Lucky clovers are rare. In Animal Crossing: New Leaf they are much more difficult to obtain.

Usually, if plucked from the ground, clovers will disappear. However, if the player picks a lucky clover, rather than disappearing, the player gains the item and it is placed in their pockets. Lucky clovers are rather rare, as there is only a 1 in 40 chance that a clover is lucky. However, they have very little value.

Four-leaf clover
A real four leaf clover

Uses for four leaved clovers

When it is dropped in one's house as furniture, it will be an open book with the clover being used as a bookmark. When put in your house, it will act as a lucky item, and give you 7,777 points, excluding Animal Crossing: New Leaf, towards your HRA score. It can also be worn in the player's hair, boosting luck. Four leaf clovers are traditionally associated with good luck, a superstition that is also voiced by the player.

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