MEOW Coupons

Type Currency
Stackable Yes
Availability All day, daily or weekly
Appearances NL
Regional names Flag of Japan ふるさとチケット
Flag of Italy small Coupon civici

Mutual Exchange Of Wealth coupons (ふるさとチケット Furusato Ticket?), better known as MEOW coupons, are a new currency added in the Welcome amiibo update of New Leaf. It also may be a reference to a sound cats make, meow.

These coupons are obtained by completing town initiatives or certain achievements in Puzzle League and can be retrieved from the CAT Machine. Additionally, five coupons are earned by scanning any amiibo figurine. MEOW coupons are spent in the campground, either at Harvey's shop each item cost 5 MEOW coupons or from a character's mobile home each item cost 3 MEOW coupons. The coupons can also be exchanged for 3,000 bells each at the ABD.