Two villagers talking about Ms. Nintendique.

Magazines are one of the unseen items in the Animal Crossing series, first making a debut in Wild World.

Ms. Nintendique

Ms. Nintendique is a magazine read by all female villagers from youngest to oldest, peppy to snooty in Wild World. It appears to be a fashion magazine, as the villagers who reference it reveal. 

Captain Paperweight

Captain Paperweight is a unseen magazine read by lazy villagers in City Folk. They will mention it in Animal Crossing: City Folk as a superhero comic.

Chillin' Magazine

Chillin' Magazine is a magazine read by lazy villagers in Wild World. They often talk about how they save pages because all the magazines take up too much room. Chillin' Magazine revolves around couches, therefore reflecting the 'lazy' personality.

The <Item> Scandal

The <Item> Scandal magazine is an unseen gossip series in New Leaf that is occasionally mentioned by villagers when talked to within their own house.

Business Strategies for Dolts

Business Strategies for Dolts is a magazine spoken of by villagers while they are sitting in New Leaf.