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Main Street (Happy Home Designer)
ニュータウン Nyuu Taun
New Town
Service Main hub
Provides Nook's Homes, Buildings, Clients
Hours 24 hours
Appearances HHD
Regional names Flag of Germany small Marktplatz
Town ordinance hours
Early Bird Unknown
Night Owl Unknown

Main Street[1] (ニュータウン New Town)[2] is the main hub setting featured in Happy Home Designer. When the player first arrives at the area, the town consists only of Nook's Homes and some run-down, vacant buildings. As the game progresses however, Isabelle will provide opportunities to develop various facilities, and ultimately complete Main Street.


Name Unlock conditions
School In-game day 6
Hospital In-game day 10 (Set 1)
Cafe In-game day 10 (Set 1)
Store 1 In-game day 10 (Set 1)
School expansion Completion of Set 1 (Set 2)
Store 2 Completion of Set 1 (Set 2)
Office building Completion of Set 1 (Set 2)
Restaurant Completion of Set 1 (Set 2)
Department Store Completion of Set 1 (Set 2)
Concert Hall Completion of Set 2 (Set 3)
Hotel Completion of Set 2 (Set 3)


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