Type Tool
Durability Forever
Stackable Unknown
Availability Bought
Appearances New Leaf
Regional names Flag of France small Mégaphone
Flag of Spain Megáfono
Flag of Germany small Megafon
Flag of Italy small Megafono

M megaphoneF megaphoneThe Megaphone is a tool in the Animal Crossing series, making its first appearance in New Leaf. It uses voice recognition by using the microphone on the 3DS to call villagers and characters in the town, helping the player to find them.


If the player uses the megaphone near the villager they are calling for, they may appear shocked and head in the direction of the player. If it is used right next to the a lazy, normal, uchi, or smug villager, they may become sad. If used near a jock, peppy, snooty, or cranky villager, they may become angry due to the unnecessary use of the megaphone. If this is done to special characters, they will say "hi" to the player via emotion. The megaphone will not work if the villager that is being called is inside a building or if the player is on Main Street, it will say "No answer... Maybe they aren't nearby?". It will also not work during local or online play.

It can also be used to wake up Gulliver if he is found on the beach. The player must be near Gulliver for him to respond. If the player calls Gulliver's name while away from the beach, it will say, "No response" if he is awake, he will say, "Oy?! Yeah?!".


The Megaphone can be obtained by purchasing it at one of the Nookling Stores, excluding Nookling Junction, for 500 Bells.


  • Saying "Snowman" in the megaphone will bring up the message "There aren't any snowmen around this time of year!" if the megaphone is used out of the season of Winter.
  • Saying the appropriate Snowman's name (such as Snowmam) into the microphone when a snowman has been created, a unique message will appear, regardless of distance.