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うずまき Uzumaki
Midge NewLeaf Official
"When the world gets cold, just fly south."
Gender Female
Personality Normal
Species Bird
Birthday March 12th
Star sign Pisces
Initial phrase tweedledee
Initial clothes New Spring shirt
Skill Tongue twisters
Goal Artist
Coffee Blend,
Lots of milk,
Three spoonfuls of sugar
Style Iconic
Favorite song K.K. Lullaby
Appearances Animal Forest,
Dōbutsu no Mori +,
Animal Crossing,
Dōbutsu no Mori e+,
Animal Crossing: City Folk,
Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Regional names Flag of France small Michèle
Flag of Germany small Anna
Flag of Spain Paloma
Flag of Italy small Minu

Midge (うずまき, Uzumaki?) is a normal bird villager who has appeared in every game except Animal Crossing: Wild World. Her name might be a reference to the insect midge which many birds feed on. Her Japanese name means Spiral, referencing the spiral design on her cheeks. Her catchphrase, tweedledee, is a reference to the chirping of some smaller species of birds. Her quote is a reference to the migration of birds during the Winter. She appears on the album cover for K.K. Aria.


Midge is a pink and white bird, with a yellow beak. She has light orange swirl patterns on her cheeks. Her eyes are dots with a single eyelash on each one. She has a white stomach and orange feet. The ends of her tail feathers and wings gradually lighten from pink, to light pink, to white. Her initial shirt is the New Spring shirt. Midge carries a daffodil umbrella when it rains.


Below is a brief description of the normal personality. For more information, click here.


Midge has a normal personality. She is shy and caring, and may get upset easily. She is also sweet and cheerful. When she asks the player for favors, she often compliments their speed (even if it actually takes a while). She wakes up at 5 AM like other normal villagers, and will appear inside towards the middle of the day. She will enjoy partaking in the usual hobbies; bug catching, fishing, fossil hunting, and the others. Midge will get on well with peppy and jock villagers, appearing motherly or sisterly towards them. She may become upset when talking to a cranky villager, due to their cruel nature which makes them appear rude when talking about other villagers. She enjoys talking to the player; if you make her upset she will bounce right back and give you a present.


Midge's house consists of furniture from the Lovely Series. This includes the lovely dresser, table, kitchen, chair, and wallpaper. Her flooring is the Birch Flooring, and she also has a Regal Bed.


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