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ミント Mint
Mint - Animal Crossing New Leaf
"Always lead by example."
Gender Personality Species
Female Snooty Squirrel
Birthday May 2nd (Taurus)
Initial phrase ahhhhhh
Initial clothes Gumdrop Tee
Home request An ice-cream shop
Skill Cramming for tests
Goal Architect
Coffee Blend,
No milk,
No sugar
Style Official
Favorite song K.K. Soul
Appearances AF, AF+, AC, AFe+, WW, CF, NL, HHD
Regional names Flag of Spain Menta
Flag of Germany small Marika
Flag of Italy small Mentulla

"I'm totally fresh and you know it!"
— Picture quote, Wild World
Mint (ミント Mint?) is a snooty squirrel villager from the Animal Crossing series. She has appeared in every Animal Crossing game. Mint may get her name from her fur, which is colored mint/grayish green. Her Wild World picture quote and initial phrase also refer to mint and its common refreshing sensation.


Mint is a gray/green squirrel with a brown blotch of hair on her head. She has big pink blushes on her cheeks, and three eyelashes on the bottom of her eyes. She has two swirls on her tail, a white one and a dark green one. Mint's initial shirt is the Gumdrop Tee, and she carries the Lacy Parasol when it rains.


Below is a brief description of the snooty personality. For more information, click here.
Mint has a snooty personality, which means she loves make-up and gossiping. As a snooty villager, Mint will first appear rude and arrogant towards the player, often talking about herself and her own experiences. She also speaks about the style and appearance of other villagers, usually other female villagers such as normal, peppy, and other snooty villagers. She will soon warm up to the player, confining in them about their own feelings but still keeping subtly rude. Mint will not get along with lazy villagers due to them not caring about their appearance or the lazy villagers hating what she eats, and she won't get along with jock villagers because they will question her on her physical appearance and they won't worry about fashion. However, she will get along with cranky villagers due to their similar rude personalities, and usually normal villagers as well.


In Animal Crossing, Mint has many plush bears. She owns a baby bear, a mama bear and a papa bear, creating the full Plush Bear Set. She also owns the Pine Chair and the Pine Table, as well as a few items from the Blue Series. Mint does not initially own a stereo, but when she obtains one, it plays K.K. Country. Her wallpaper is the Blue Trim Wall, and her flooring is the Birch Flooring.

In Wild World and City Folk, Mint's house has a retro-chic theme, with many furniture from the Blue Series, such as a Blue Clock and a Blue Dresser with a Classic Sofa, a Pine Table, a Plant, a Baby Bear and a Retro Stereo that plays K.K. Soul.

In New Leaf, Mint's house has a very calming atmosphere. She has some items from both the Alpine Series and the Blue Series, including the lamp, bench and clock from the Blue Series, and the bed and the large table from the Alpine Series. Mint also owns a CD Shelf and a Retro Stereo that plays K.K. Soul, just like in Wild World and City Folk. Her wallpaper is the Green Wall, and her flooring is the Birch Flooring.

amiibo Card

amiibo Card
Amiibo card back
#063 Mint
Type Squirrel
Star sign Taurus
Birthday 5/2
Roll value 2
Hand sign Rock
Request An ice-cream shop
Amiibo 063 Mint
062 T-Bone #063 Mint 064 Pudge


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