Service Accommodation
Provides Villagers, special characters, furniture, clothing
Hours All day
Appearances NL
Regional names Flag of Spain Autocaravanas

RVs are a new feature and vehicles introduced to New Leaf in the Welcome amiibo update. An RV is a caravan used by characters visiting Harvey's campground. Villagers and some special characters will arrive in RVs when summoned with amiibo cards/figures, thanks to Wisp. Other special characters, such as Pascal and Blanca, may appear on their own without any amiibo use.

Villagers in RVs can be convinced by players to move to the town itself, if spaces are available. Players may also order any furniture contained in an RV, by spending MEOW Coupons. Each item in the player's native town is 3 MEOW Coupons. However, travelling to other towns will mean that each item is 5 MEOW Coupons

There are often clues to which special character is within the caravan on the outside of the caravan - for example a red caravan with green Christmas trees and snow for Jingle.

Amiibo Packs

As of November 2016, two RV amiibo card packs have been announced. These include the Welcome Amiibo pack (announced for Japan, America/Canada, and Europe) and the Sanrio x Animal Crossing pack (so far only released in Japan and Europe).

Welcome amiibo Pack

Sanrio x Animal Crossing Pack


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