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Moppina the mop
Species Mop
Service Being friends with most Normal and Peppy villagers.
Appearance(s) Animal Crossing: Wild World
Regional Names Flag of Spain Fregonita

Moppina is an unseen mop character that normal villagers frequently referred to in conversation in Animal Crossing: Wild World, reflecting upon their reserved and shy nature. The mop is revealed to be the best friend of a normal villager, and after conversations between two normal villagers will reveal that Moppina is a good friend of any normal villager in the town, but is never seen. When talking to other normal characters, it is revealed they both talk to it, try out hairstyles on it and even cook with it. Normal characters also talk to snooty types about Moppina, but not with as much success. When they talk to peppy villagers about Moppina, the peppy villager asks if they can meet her. Moppina is mentioned in Maple's picture in Animal Crossing: Wild World. Moppina is unseen but is known to be just an average mop that normal villagers talk about because of their obsessive cleaning nature. Moppina is also popular among peppy villagers also due to having a hygiene of cleaning. When normal villagers are given medicine when they are ill, they mention sending a letter to Moppina saying that the player made them alright again.


  • Mops are available from Tom Nook's Store for 800 Bells, although they cannot be interacted with and are for decoration.
  • Moppina is the only character in the game to be referenced in another villager's picture quote, that villager being Maple.

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