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A player in Animal Crossing: New Leaf pays off their mortgage.


Mortage paid off in Animal Crossing.

Mortgages are the amount of money that the player owes to pay for their house.
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A character has paid off all their mortgage in Animal Crossing: City Folk.


Mortgage Paid off in Wild World.

The player will have to pay several mortgages before it is all paid off, and it increases in both payment and size of renovation each time. After the mortgage is paid off, the player can choose to when expand their house in New Leaf, but Tom Nook will insist in Animal Crossing, Wild World, and City Folk. After the player pays off the mortgage once, it goes up. Tom Nook will eventually say he can not expand any more. In Animal Crossing, after the player completes their mortgage, they will have a statue put up in front of the train station. In Animal Forest e+ when done, they get a private island. In City Folk, after the player completes their mortgage, he will give the player a customizable flag on a flagpole. There is no due date or interest so players can take their time. Mortgages are never paid to Tom Nook directly, but rather paid into the ABD or with the teller in the Post Office or Town Hall. Additionally, if Pelly is present when the mortgage is paid off, she can be seen in the background applauding the player's efforts.

Required Amounts

Animal Crossing GCN

  • Buying House: 19,800 bells
  • First Expansion: 148,000 bells
  • Basement: 48,000 bells*
  • Second Expansion: 398,000 bells*
  • Second Floor: 798,000 bells
  • Total Cost: 1,411,800 bells

Animal Crossing: Wild World

  • Buying House: 19,800 bells
  • First House Expansion: 120,000 bells
  • Second House Expansion: 298,000 bells
  • Upstairs Room: 598,000 bells
  • Left Room: 728,000 bells
  • Right Room: 848,000 bells
  • Back Room: 948,000 bells
  • Total Cost: 3,559,800 bells

Animal Crossing: City Folk

  • Buying House: 18,400 bells
  • Expansion #1: 120,000 bells
  • Expansion #2: 248,000 bells
  • Upper Level: 368,000 bells
  • Basement: 598,000 bells
  • Total Cost: 1,353,800 bells

Animal Crossing: New Leaf

  • Down Payment: 10,000 bells
  • Buying House: 39,800 bells
  • First Expansion: 98,000 bells
  • Second Expansion: 198,000 bells
  • Upstairs Room: 298,000 bells
  • Subtotal: 643,800 bells

These other expansions can be done in any order after the upstairs room

  • Upstairs Room 6*6: 498,000 bells
  • Upstairs Room 8*8: 598,000 bells
  • Left Room 4*4: 348,000 bells
  • Left Room 6*6: 498,000 bells
  • Left Room 8*8: 598,000 bells
  • Right Room 4*4: 348,000 bells
  • Right Room 6*6: 498,000 bells
  • Right Room 8*8: 598,000 bells
  • Back Room 4*4: 348,000 bells
  • Back Room 6*6: 498,000 bells
  • Back Room 8*8: 598,000 bells
  • Basement 4*4: 428,000 bells
  • Basement 6*6: 498,000 bells
  • Basement 8*8: 598,000 bells
  • Grand Total: 7,595,800 bells