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Animal Crossing Mushroom Series Complete

The complete Mushroom Series, as it appears in City Folk. The items shown are, starting from the left, the Mush Stand, Mush Lamp, Mush Chair, Mush Stool, Mush Closet, Mush Bed, Mush TV, Mush Dresser, Mush Table, Mush End Table (Forest Wall and Floor also shown)

The Mushroom Series (alternatively Mush Series) of furniture is a special series of furniture, only available during certain events. Items in the series are only freely obtainable during October and November.

Leonardo is currently the only villager who owns a piece of this furniture in his house, this being the table.


In Wild World, items can be obtained from Cornimer during the Acorn Festival in exchange for acorns.

In City Folk, items can be obtained in the month of November by looking for mushrooms on the ground. Each day, there will be six mushrooms placed randomly around the town. Most mushrooms can be found next to a tree, while rarer mushrooms must be dug out of the ground using a shovel. At least one of the mushrooms will be an item of furniture from the series. The other mushrooms may be sold to Tom Nook or eaten by the player or Wendell.

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, items are gained in a similar way as they were in Animal Crossing: City Folk. In November, mushrooms are found at the bases of trees, but not in dig spots. Additionally, mushrooms can be found growing around tree stumps with special patterns regardless of the season. New items added to the Mushroom series include the Mush Wall lamp and the Mush Hanger.

Wild World


Item Name Buy Price (Acorns) Sell Price Available From Group Color Genres Size (sq) Info
Mush Stool 5 2,450 Cornimer - Brown (x2) None/Lovely 1 Chair
Mush End Table 10 2,450 Cornimer - White/Brown None/Lovely 1 Table
Mush Lamp 25 2,450 Cornimer - White (x2) None/Lovely 1 Lamp
Mush Chair 40 2,450 Cornimer - White (x2) None/Lovely 1 Chair
Mush Dresser 60 2,450 Cornimer - Brown (x2) None/Lovely 2 Storage
Mush Closet 80 2,450 Cornimer - Brown (x2) None/Lovely 1 Storage
Mush Stand 100 2,450 Cornimer - Red/Brown None/Lovely 2 Lamp
Mush Table 120 2,450 Cornimer - Red/White None/Lovely 4 Table
Mush TV 140 2,450 Cornimer - Red/White None/Lovely 2 Usable
Mush Bed 170 2,450 Cornimer - Red (x2) None/Lovely 2 Bed

Matching Wall and Floor

Item Name Buy Price (Acorns) Sell Price Available From Group
Forest Wall 200 420 Cornimer -
Forest Floor 230 420 Cornimer -

Animal Crossing: City Folk and New Leaf


Item Name Buy Price Sell Price Available From Color Genres Size (sq) Info
Mush Bed - 3,000 - Red (x2) None/Playful 2 Bed
Mush Chair - 1,900 - White/Aqua None/Playful 1 Chair
Mush Closet - 2,450 - Brown (x2) None/Playful 1 Storage
Mush Dresser - 2,450 - Brown (x2) None/Playful 2 Storage
Mush End Table - 2,200 - Brown/White None/Playful 1 Table
Mush Hanger (NL only) - 2,200 - Brown/Red/White 1 Coat Hanger
Mush Stool - 1,800 - Brown (x2) None/Playful 1 Chair
Mush Table - 2,500 - Red/White None/Playful 4 Table
Mush TV - 2,500 - Red/White None/Playful 2 Usable
Mush Lamp - 2,400 - Aqua (x2) None/Playful 1 Lamp
Mush Stand (CF only) - 2,400 - Red/Brown None/Playful 2 Lamp
Mush Wall Lamp (NL only) - 2,400 - Yellow/White - Lamp

Matching Wall and Floor

Item Name Buy Price Sell Price Available From Group
Forest Wall - 420 - -
Forest Floor - 420 - -



  • The Mushroom Series may be an allusion to the Super Mario Bros. series of games. Mushrooms play a major part in the Mario series.
  • In Happy Home Designer, Alli will request a mushroom manor for her home. This is the only request that unlocks the Mush Series.

Names in other languages

Flag of South Korea 버삿 세트/시리즈 Beojeot seteu/sirijeu- Mushroom set/series

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