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Mystic Statue
Real name Nefertiti Bust
Artist Thutmose
Appearances Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Regional names Flag of France small Statue mystérieuse
Flag of Spain Busto antiguo

The Mystic Statue is one of the sculptures first introduced and available in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. This piece is based on the Nefertiti Bust, created by the royal sculptor Thutmose, and was found in 1913 by Ludwig Borchardt.

The sculpture is only available at Crazy Redd's.

Statue Information

Item Name Buy Price Sell Price Available From
Mystic Statue 3,920 490 Crazy Redd's

Forgery Identification

Mystic statue comparison

Counterfeit statue with rounded head (left) in Crazy Redd's tent. Genuine statue with flat head (right) in the museum.

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, if the top of the hat is round, it is fake. If the top of the hat is flat, it is genuine.

Further Information


Mystic Statue, genuine.

The Nefertiti Bust was created some time around 1345 BC, and depicts the royal wife Nefertiti, whose husband, Akhenaten( Amenhotep IV) ruled at the time. Although not much is known about Nefertiti's origins, it is believed that she was wed to Akhenaten during her teen years, and would give birth to their six daughters.

During Akhenaten's reign, Nefertiti was generally considered the embodiment of beauty by the people, and was frequently the subject of Egyptian art at the time, ranging from statues to altars. It has been theorized that Nefertiti may have taken control as the ruler after her husband's death, and possibly took on the appearance of a man in order to fulfill that role, hence the crown. Another theory states that before his death, Akhenaten had attempted to establish equality with his wife, and garnered her with her current clothing. Despite being one of the most powerful women of Egypt, Nefertiti and her family were nearly erased from Egyptian history, which was most likely due to Akhenaten's attempt of introducing a monotheistic religion (which would revolve around the god Aten). This would ultimately lead to the destruction of his city Armana, and most historical works surrounding him and his family.

The Nefertiti bust itself was discovered in 1913 in Armana, and is one of the most well-preserved Egyptian artifacts. Created from limestone and covered with gypsum, the bust demonstrates the excellent grasp Egyptian artists had of the human face (proportion-wise), but was never completed, as one eye is seen covered with wax. This specific bust has generally been assumed to have been an example used for mass production.

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