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Neutral Painting

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Neutral Painting
Tumblr mo9ix4piEJ1svownfo5 1280
Real name Basket of Fruit
Artist Caravaggio
Appearances Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Regional names Flag of France small Toile neutre
Flag of Spain Cuadro neutro

The neutral painting (中立的な絵画 Chūritsu-tekina kaiga) is a painting that was added in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. It is available from Crazy Redd's tent. The neutral painting is a copy of Caravaggio's Basket of Fruit.

Painting information

New Leaf
Item Name Buy Price Sell Price Available From
Neutral Painting 3,920 Bells 490 Bells Crazy Redd

Forgery Information

The forgery has a small hole on the topmost leaf.
Tumblr mo9ix4piEJ1svownfo5 1280
Int art skillful f

More Information

In 1599, Caravaggio painted this Basket of Fruit with oil on canvas. As far inspiration goes, he was asked to paint what was in front of him, and it happened to be a Basket of Fruit. This painting is famous because Caravaggio was able to bring a lifeless arrangement into a living memory (a "still life"). For those who would like to see it in person, you may find this painting at Biblioteca Ambrosiana, Milan.

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