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In the Animal Crossing series, some clothing and accessories are based on characters from other Nintendo series.

Mario Series

Their are many accessories based on Mario and Luigi, including their hats (Mario Cap, Luigi Cap), mustaches (Big Bro Mustache, Little Bro Mustache), and shirts (Big Bro Shirt, Little Bro Shirt). Louie initially wears Luigi's shirt. There is also Peach's Parosol, Toad Hat, Wario Hat and the Bad Bro Mustache (Wario's Mustache).

The Legend of Zelda Series

It is possible for the player to obtain Link's look. This consists of the Hero's Cap, the Hero's Pants(New Leaf), the Hero's Boots(New Leaf),  and the Hero's Shirt. Also, Midna's Mask, Fi's Mask(New Leaf) , and Majora's Mask are obtainable. In Able Sisters, On Labelles side they will sometimes sell  Makar's Mask from The Legend of Zelda, The Wind Waker only in New Leaf.

Metroid Series

Some items from the Metroid series are avalable from Tom Nook Point System.

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