のぶお Nobuo
Gender Personality Species
Male Lazy Penguin
Birthday January 23rd (Aquarius)
Initial phrase rash
Initial clothes Paw Shirt
Appearances AFe+

Nobuo (のぶお, Nobuo?) is a lazy penguin villager from the Animal Crossing series, only appearing in Animal Forest e+. He could only move into a village if the player has his e-reader card.


Nobuo is a dark blue penguin, with white on some parts. He has a black X in the middle of his stomach which is his bellybutton. He has a large yellow beak. His eyes look tired, which complements his lazy personality. His feet are yellow, and he wears the Paw Shirt. It also looks like he has a blue helmet.


Below is a brief description of the lazy personality. For more information, click here.

Nobuo has a lazy personality, which means that he will enjoy food and sleeping. Nobuo won't get along with jock or snooty villagers because they are obsessed with their physical appearance, which he doesn't care about. He also won't get along with cranky villagers due to their grumpy personality.


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Nobuo has the same house as Twirp does, with the difference being the Concrete Wall and the Concrete Flooring. K.K. Love Song is played on a Tape Deck.

Nobuo house

Nobuo's house