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This article is about Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer from the Animal Crossing series. For the building in New Leaf, see Nook's Homes (New Leaf).
Achhd Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer
FacilitiesHappy Home HandbookHappy Home NetworkMain StreetNook's Homes

Nook's Homes
たぬき ハウジング Tanuki haujingu
Service Accommodation
Provides Saving, customization, QR codes, amiibo phone, Happy Home Network
Hours All day
Appearances HHD
Regional names Unknown
Nook's Homes (HHD)

Nook's Homes (たぬき ハウジング, Tanuki haujingu?) is a returning building from Animal Crossing: New Leaf. It is run by Tom Nook, Lyle, Digby, Lottie, and the player. Isabelle, a returning character from Animal Crossing: New Leaf, will also occasionally appear. In Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, no longer will the Player customize their own house from Nook's Homes. Instead, the player will work for Tom Nook as a happy home designer.

First floor

The first floor is where the player meets with villagers to plan their home requests. It contains the player's desk, at which the player can save or read the Happy Home Handbook, which unlocks new design features and abilities; Digby's and Tom Nook's desks (though they are never seen at their desks); the front counter where Lottie works, which also houses the computer used to connect to the Happy Home Network. Isabelle will appear on the first floor when facility requests are available; once all facilities are complete, Digby will stand by his desk and let the player redesign any facility. The Amiibo phone is also located on this floor, allowing the player to summon characters using Amiibo cards.

Second floor

On the second floor, the Player can find a sewing machine used to make pro designs, as well as read and create QR codes for custom designs. The changing room and styling machine are also on this floor, allowing the player to change their outfit and appearance, respectively. A blue Nintendo 3DS on the second floor allows the player to receive special design requests from SpotPass characters.


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