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Nookling Junction
Opening hours 8:00am-10:00pm
6:00am-10:00pm* (Early Bird)
8:00am-12:00am* (Night Owl)
*Set by Town Ordinance
Stock 8 items
Upgrade cost 10,000
House Payments,
+ 12,000 spent
Upgrade time 10
Appearances Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Regional names Flag of Italy small Bottega di Marco e Mirco
Flag of France small Boutique Mélimélo
Flag of Germany small Schlepp & Nepps Laden
Flag of Spain Tienda T&N

Nookling Junction Logo Nookling Junction ( まめつぶ商店 MameTsubu Shōten?, MameTsubu/TimTom/Speck Store) is a new store in Animal Crossing: New Leaf that is managed and owned by Timmy and Tommy. It is the first store in the Player's Town, in Main Street, and can be upgraded to 4 other stores. The next upgrade is T&T Mart, after the Player has begun making payments towards their House Mortgage.

It is similar in appearance to Nook's Cranny, which was owned by Tom Nook in previous Animal Crossing games. It has a limited range of items to buy. These include two Tools, two items of Furniture, one item of Stationery, one Wrapping Paper and one Fortune Cookie.


To upgrade to T&T Mart, the player must have made a minimum down payment of 10,000 Bells towards their mortgage and have spent at least 12,000 Bells in the store. 10 days must also have passed since the creation of the Town before the option to upgrade is made available.


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