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Nookling Stores
Service Unknown
Provides Music,
Gift Wrap,
Fortune cookie
Opening hours Depends on upgrade and Town Ordinance
Appearances NL
Regional names Unknown

Nookling Stores are a collection of stores in Animal Crossing: New Leaf that are owned and managed by Timmy and Tommy Nook. The stores are the economic centerpiece of the player's town and are located in Main Street.

In previous games, there were only 4 stores and they were all owned and managed by Tom Nook, with Timmy and Tommy working as assistants in Nookington's in the furniture department. However, in New Leaf his nephews now own the franchise with a total of 5 stores while Tom Nook owns and manages Nook's Homes, a real estate agency.

The Gardening Store, which is owned by Leif, is built next door to all Nookling Stores from when the store is bought and added to the Town. When the Nookling Store is upgraded to a T.I.Y., the Gardening Store is merged together to create one building with two separated entrances for each store.

Selling items to any of the Nookling Stores will give the player 20% less money than at Re-Tail, as Timmy and Tommy resell the item to Re-Tail and take a cut of the sale price of any item.

Special Features

These special features are services that a Nookling store can provided.

The Catalog

Main article: Catalog

Aside from selling items in the store, the Nook twins give the player access to their own personalized catalog, from which the player can order any item that they have held in their pockets. Anything that was ever held there will be featured, but rare items, fossils, fish, gyroids, etc. cannot be ordered. When purchased, an item will arrive by mail in about five hours. The player can order as many items as he/she may want. If the player buys more than ten, the player will have to come at a later time since the maximum capacity of the mailbox is 10.

The catalog becomes available when the player has upgraded to T&T Mart. From then onwards the player can have access to the Catalog.


Nookling Junction

Nookling Stores
Opening hours 8:00am-10:00pm
6:00am-10:00pm* (Early Bird)
8:00am-12:00am* (Night Owl)
*Set by Town Ordinance
Stock 7 items
Upgrade cost 10,000 house payments
+ 12,000 spent
Upgrade time 1 day
Appearances Unknown
Regional names Flag of Italy small Bottega di Marco e Mirco
Flag of France small Boutique Mélimélo
117 - Animal Crossing New Leaf (3DS) - Nookling Junction
Main article: Nookling Junction

Nookling Junction is the first incarnation of the Nookling Stores. It is normally open from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., unless the Player enacts either the Early Bird or Night Owl Town Ordinance, with earlier or later opening and closing times respectively.

The store has a limited range of items for sale. It supports just two Tools, two pieces of Furniture, one pack of Stationary, one Wrapping Paper, and one Fortune Cookie.

It is very similar in appearance to Nook's Cranny, which appeared in previous games in the Animal Crossing series. This may mean it shares a similar history of being an old gardening shed which once belonged to Tortimer when he was Mayor of the Town. It resembles a shed made with wooden planks and metal sheeting for a roof. It is also the only Nookling Store to have a traditional hinged door, with the other stores having automatic or revolving doors.
T fg soldout JP

The sold out sign reads urimare in Japanese.

The player must have spent 10,000 Bells towards their mortgage, 12,000 Bells in the store, and have lived in their town for 10 days before Nookling Junction will upgrade to the T&T Mart store.

T&T Mart

Nookling Stores
Opening hours 7:00am-12:00am
6:00am-12:00am* (Early Bird)
7:00am-5:00am* (Night Owl)
*Set by Town Ordinance
Stock 13 items
Upgrade cost 25,000
Upgrade time 10 days
+ 10 Gardening Store days
Appearances Unknown
Regional names Flag of France small Supérette Mélimélo
Flag of SpainMerca T&N
118 - Animal Crossing New Leaf (3DS) - T&T Mart (Convenience Store)
Main article: T&T Mart

T&T Mart is the second of the Nookling store upgrades. In order for the store to expand, the player must spend 12,000 Bells worth of items at Nookling Junction and have waited 10 days of the Town's creation in order to upgrade. It is the only Nookling store to be open until midnight each day, and even later if the player has chosen the Night Owl opening times under the Town Ordinance, which keeps it open until 5:00am.

The store is similar in appearance to Nook 'N' Go, which appeared in the previous Animal Crossing series of games. It has automatic doors and a mostly glass façade. It is also the only Nookling store to have a sign on a pole, with the other stores having their signs on either the roof of the building or attached to the front.

To upgrade to a Super T&T store, the player must spend 25,000 Bells at the store and have had the store open for at least 10 days. The Gardening Store must also have been built in the Town, and have been open for at least 10 days.

Super T&T

Nookling Stores
Opening hours 9:00am-8:00pm
6:00am-8:00pm* (Early Bird)
9:00am-12:00am* (Night Owl)
*Set by Town Ordinance
Stock 16 items
Upgrade cost 50,000
Upgrade time 21 days
Appearances Unknown
Regional names Super Mélimélo
119 - Animal Crossing New Leaf (3DS) - Super T&T (Supermarket)
Main article: Super T&T

Super T&T is the third expansion of the Nookling stores. To upgrade to this store, the player must spend at least 25,000 Bells at T&T Mart and have had it open for a minimum of 10 days. The Gardening Store must also have been constructed in the Town, and have been open for a minimum of 10 days. It is not open as long as the T&T Mart, but can be made to stay open until midnight if the player has chosen the Night Owl option in the Town Ordinance.

The store is similar in appearance to Nookway by retaining the green features, glass facade, flat roof and automatic doors. It also has the furniture leaf sign on the roof.

The store also introduces the player to Melody paper, a type of stationary in which the player can now add a tune to the letter, as well as write a message and add a present. Super T&T also now has enough space to hold another fortune cookie or another type of stationary.

To upgrade to T.I.Y., the player must have spent at least 50,000 Bells and have had the store open for at least 21 days.


Nookling Stores
TIY Home Center
Opening hours 10:00am-11:00pm
6:00am-11:00pm* (Early Bird)
10:00am-3:00am* (Night Owl)
*Set by Town Ordinance
Stock 27 items
Upgrade cost 100,000
+ 4 completed Gracie fashion checks
Upgrade time 30 days
Appearances Unknown
Regional names Unknown
120 - Animal Crossing New Leaf (3DS) - T.I.Y. - Main Section (Home Center)
Main article: T.I.Y.

The mat outside and inside T.I.Y

T.I.Y. is the fourth Nookling store in the game, with the previous store being Super T&T and the upgrade being T&T Emporium. To upgrade to the T.I.Y., the player must spend a total of 50,000 Bells in Super T&T and 21 days have passed since the opening of the store.

A noticeable change from the outside of the store is that the Gardening Store and Nook Bros are now merged together into one larger building with two entrances, with one for each store. Leif still manages his store. The building is now red and retains the glass frontage from the previous two stores. It also now has one KK Slider album every day next to the fortune cookies.

To upgrade to T&T Emporium, the player must spend 100,000 Bells, completed four Gracie Fashion Checks at a 'Satisfactory' level and have had the store open for 30 days before the option to upgrade is made available.

T&T Emporium

Nookling Stores
Opening hours 9:00am-9:00pm
6:00am-9:00pm* (Early Bird)
9:00am-12:00am* (Night Owl)
*Set by Town Ordinance
Stock 50 items
Upgrade cost Doesn't Expand
Upgrade time Doesn't Expand
Appearances Unknown
Regional names Unknown
122 - Animal Crossing New Leaf (3DS) - T&T Emporium (Department Store)
Main article: T&T Emporium

T&T Emporium is the largest and final expansion of the Nookling Stores. To upgrade to this store the player must have spent at least 100,000 Bells in T.I.Y. and have successfully completed 4 Gracie Fashion Checks at a 'Satisfactory' level. T.I.Y. must also have been open for at least 30 days. It has a reduced number of opening hours due to the size of the building and the variety of items available. It opens from 9:00am to 9:00pm under regular operations, but can have altered opening and closing hours depending on the Town Ordinance, making it close at midnight if the Night Owl option is chosen or open at 6:00am if the Early Bird option is selected.

There are considerable changes compared to previous Nookling stores. It features a revolving door and small boutique windows. The sign is built into the curved design of the walls above the door, which is lit up with large light bulbs. The Gardening Store is now a part of the Nookling store franchise, with no separate entrance on the front of the building.

In this expansion there are 3 floors in total. The first floor has the main products, the second floor has a range of furniture on show and the third floor houses Gracie's expensive premium items, which were last seen in GracieGrace in the City in Animal Crossing: City Folk.

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