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"I caught a Japanese oak silk moth! It's pretty, but yuck...!" —Wild World
"I caught an oak silk moth! Pretty? Or pretty hideous?!" —City Folk
"I caught an oak silk moth! Who's smooth now?" —New Leaf
Oak Silk Moth
ヤママユガ Yamamayu
Scientific name Antheraea yamamai
Family Saturniidae
Time of year June to September
Time of day 7pm to 4am
Location On trees
Size 280 mm
Rarity Scarce (★★★★)
Sale price 1,200 Bells
Appearances Animal Crossing: Wild World,
Animal Crossing: City Folk,
Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Regional names Flag of France small Saturnide
Flag of Germany small Seidenspinner
Flag of Spain Polilla de seda
Flag of Italy small Macaone
Species #
Animal Forest Not Present
Animal Crossing Not Present
Dōbutsu no Mori e+ Not Present
Animal Crossing: Wild World Bug #10
Animal Crossing: City Folk Bug #11
Animal Crossing: New Leaf Bug #11

The Oak Silk Moth (ヤママユガ, Yamamayu?) is a large moth found on trees during the summer nights. It can be caught in the rain as well as on clear evenings and nighttime's. In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, it can also be found on the island's fruit trees during the same time of day as on the mainland. In Animal Crossing: City Folk, as well as Animal Crossing: New Leaf, it makes a distinct flapping sound when disturbed from a tree, which can be startling for players walking around unaware of its presence.

Donating to the Museum

In Wild World

"...Ah! I just looked directly into that silkmoth's fabled eye-spots!...I'm unsure what predator would be fooled. Those look nothing like owl's eyes. Ah. Hm. There I go again. Letting my revulsion taint my scientific analysis... The eye-spots DO work, and are a vital evolutionary step! ...But blech."

In City Folk

Upon donating to the Museum, Blathers the curator will say;

"While the oak silk moth has impressively large wings, it's said that this moth isn't a very skilled flier. ...I should think that might be the reason it developed such big, vulgar eyeballs..."

The oak silk moth can be found on the second level of the bug exhibit, in the middle segment with the easternmost stump.

In New Leaf

In New Leaf an information board in the bug exhibit will list information about this bug.

"Oak silk moths are seen in the summer and are one of the largest moth species in the world. They make silk from their mouths as they transition into the pupa stage. As adults, they don't eat anything and only live off the nutrients they stored while they were caterpillars."

Encyclopedia Information

When the player has caught an oak silk moth, they can find information about it in the bug menu. Below is the information regarding the oak silk moth:

Wild World

Oak Silk Moth (Wild World) Oak Silk Moth (Wild World icon) "They are the world's largest moths. Like silkworms, they produce thread."
  • Size: 280 mm
  • Season: Summer
  • Time: 7pm - 4am

City Folk

Oak Silk Moth (City Folk) ''The larva and cocoons of these wild silkworms are a beautiful green color."

Icon calendar Season: Summer
Icon clock Time: Night
Icon butterfly Size: About 280 mm

New Leaf

HNI 0013 JPG


Further Information


A female Hercules Moth.

The Oak Silk Moth appears to be a female Hercules Moth, which is indeed one of the largest moths in the world. Its Japanese name is a general term for members of the Saturniidae family (of which the Hercules Moth is one).

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