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Jack, the self-proclaimed czar of Halloween.
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October is the month in which the Animal Crossing series celebrates Halloween. (This Holiday was not in Wild World. ) Candy is sold throughout the month at Tom Nook's Store and Nookling Stores in preparation for Halloween (in Animal Crossing, candy starts being sold on the 16th), whereas, in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, the Able Sisters shop will start selling Halloween masks and hats. The 31st is the only chance each year to see Jack. The grass and trees will also turn noticeably redder during this month, as it is during Fall.

Events in October


Villagers born during this month fall under either the or signs.

*Bolded names are special characters, not villagers


The following fish can be found in October (excludes All-year Fish). Fish in bold are not available the next month.


The following bugs can be found this month:

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