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In City Folk and New Leafclothing comes in different styles - "Ornate" is one of those styles. Below is a list of all of the ornate apparel.


Ornate Headgear Location Price
Crown Able Sisters 1,000,000
Festivale Accessory Able Sisters 816
Matronly Bun Able Sisters 480
Royal Crown Able Sisters 1,200,000
Hair-bow Wig Gracie Grace 4800
Tiara hair Gracie Grace 7200


Ornate Accessories Location Price
King's Beard Able Sisters 8 000


Ornate Tops Location Price
Amethyst Shirt  ?  ?
Amethyst Tee Able Sisters 360
Beaded Shirt Able Sisters 420
Classic Dress Able Sisters 720
Comedian's outfit Able Sisters 640
Corseted Shirt Able Sisters 400
Frock Coat Able Sisters 1000
Noble Shirt Able Sisters 380
Rainbow Tee Able Sisters 777
Royal Shirt Able Sisters 380


Ornate Bottoms Location Price
Corseted Skirt Able Sisters 480
Royal Shorts Able Sisters 1200


Ornate Footwear Location Price
Leopard Pumps GracieGrace 4000
Fishnet Tights Kicks 240
Rainbow Tights Kicks 300
Red Tights Kicks 200